Healthy Cities, Urban Theory, and Design:
The Power of Jane Jacobs

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Stroll through any city -- observe the variety of smells, noises, and activities of its residents. Now imagine a city without any people. Would the city still have the same smells, sounds, and hubbub of vibrant human interaction?

In order to create "healthy" communities -- communities that are economically, socially, politically, and environmentally vibrant -- as planners we must design and build with the people and all of their various activities, values, and influences in mind. The student work in this exhibit represents our reflections on and reactions to Jane Jacobs' ideas and activism regarding what must be done to create vibrant, healthy communities.

We offer our interpretation of Jane Jacobs' contributions to the field of urban planning in honor of her selection as the recipient of the 1996 Thomas Jefferson Medal in Architecture. As you explore our projects and the World Wide Web page, we invite you to consider the elements that you believe are necessary for a healthy community.


Biography of Jane Jacobs

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Assignment 1 - The City Tour

Assignment 2 - The Jane Jacobs Assignment

A Bibliography of Jane Jacobs's work

Pamuk's notes on Jane Jacobs's contributions


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