Die Yale Corporation


Was ist die Yale Corporation?

Yale's Charter provides that its governing body, known legally as "The President and Fellows of Yale College" - or, more simply, as "The Corporation" - "shall have the government, care and management of the College ... and make such reasonable laws ... as they think fit and proper for the instruction and education of the students."
The Corporation comprises 19 members:
Three members ex officiis: the President of the University and the Governor and the Lieutenant Governor of the State of Connecticut.
Ten "Successors to the original Trustees", who elect their own successors. Their terms on the Corporation are limited by their own vote to two six-year terms, except that upon recommendation of the President in special circumstances a Successor Trustee may be elected to an additional term of up to three years. Successor Trustees must retire upon reaching age 70.
Six Alumni Fellows elected by the alumni as provided in the Miscellaneous Regulations.
In addition to the President, the officers of the University are: a Provost, a Vice President and Secretary, a Vice President and General Counsel, a Vice President for Finance and Administration, a Vice President for Development, and a Vice President and Director for New Haven and State Affairs.
(Quelle: http://www.yale.edu/about/bylaws.html)

Die gesamten Statuten der Universität können hier abgerufen werden: The Yale Corporation Bylaws (PDF 112 KB).

Die Yale Corporation ist also für die Verwaltung und die wirtschaftlichen Belange der Yale University zuständig. Die Corporation wird wie ein Unternehmen geführt und setzt seine wirtschaftlichen Mittel auch gezielt zur Gewinnmaximierung ein.


Der aktuelle Aufsichtsrat

Name Position Aufsichtsratmitglied oder sonstige Position bei anderen Unternehmen

Richard Charles Levin President Lucent Technologies, Satmetrix, Hewlett Foundation, National Academy of Sciences - Board on Science Technology and Economic Policy, AllLearn

Gouverneur des Staates Connecticut, ex officio

Vize-Gouverneur des Staates Connecticut, ex officio Fellow  

George Leonard Baker Jr. Fellow Sutter Hill Ventures, Metrika, Thermawave, Praecis Pharmaceuticals, Amira Medical, Corcept Therapeutics, Infomedics, Line 6, Synapix

Edward Perry Bass Fellow Edward P. Bass Group, Walt Disney Company, Warnaco Biosphere 2, World Wildlife Fund, New York Botanical Garden, Botanical Research Institute of Texas

Roland Whitney Betts Fellow Chelsea Piers LP., Silver Screen Management Inc., International Film Investors Inc., Texas Rangers Baseball Club, Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, American Museum of Natural History, Columbia Law School

Gerhard Casper Fellow Professor Stanford University, Institute for International Studies, Former President of Stanford

Susan Crown Fellow Henry Crown & Company, Illinois Tool Works, Northern Trust Corporation, Baxter International Inc., Arie and Ida Crown Memorial

Charles Daniel Ellis Fellow Greenwich Associates, Vanguard Group Inc., Donaldson Lufkin & Jenrette, Harvard Business School, Phillips Exeter Academy, Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, overseer of the Stern School of Business at New York University

Holcombe Tucker Green Jr. Fellow Green Capital Investors LP., HBOC & Co., Westpoint Stevens

Jeffrey Powell Koplan Fellow NDC Health Corporation, Vice President for Academic Health Affairs at Emory University, Centers for Disease Control, US Assistant Surgeon General, Administrator of the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, Prudential Center for Health Care Research

Maya Ying Lin Fellow Natural Resources Defense Council, Energy Foundation

Margaret Hilary Marshall Fellow  

Linda Anne Mason Fellow Bright Horizons Family Solutions Inc., Whole Foods Market Inc., Boston Globe, Booz Allen & Hamilton

Indra Nooyi Fellow PepsiCo Inc., Motorola, Timberland Company, Boston Consulting Group, Asea Brown Boveri, President's Council on International Activities, International Rescue Committee, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York City, PepsiCo Foundation

Barrington Daniel Parker Jr. Fellow U.S. District Judge for the Southern District of New York, Second Circuit Court of Appeals

Theodore Ping Shen Fellow Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette, Phillips Exeter Academy, Packer Collegiate Institute

Janet Louise Yellen Fellow President's Council of Economic Advisors, Board of Governors Federal Reserve System


Der Aufsichtsrat bei "They Rule":

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