N°17 October 1997
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Can the high-tech tools used to make pop videos also dress up scientific and technological topics to attract kids? interest? It?s never been tried, but the University of Münster, the British Film Institute and German publishing giant Der Spiegel are determined to make this novel concept work.

This ISPO-funded collaboration brings together academics and media production specialists to present science in a sparkling new light. The project will develop a series of television programmes, but will also be available as on-line video that viewers and educators can access through an Internet site. The project boasts as much innovation in the presentation and content as in the technologies used for production and on-line ?broadcasting?. According to project team members, the style of these programmes will be similar to the MTV pop video presentations, but with carefully researched and presented educational content. Three pilot programmes will be produced and aired during 1997.

Among the first topics will a look back into primate behavior and into the dawn of early civilisations and into the future of brain research and of space exploration ... which leads us to the next logical question: "Will there be normal student life after these programmes attract the interest of Europe?s young people?
Perhaps Captain, but not as we know it..."


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