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Der Film 'Contact' ist das Vermächtnis des bedeutenden Astrophysikers und Wissenschaftspopularisierers Carl Sagan. Der Film gilt nicht nur SETI-Forschern 'als unbeschreiblich viel zutreffender' bezüglich des Standes kosmologischer Forschung als 'jeder andere Hollywood Film in der Geschichte' (s.u.); auch für die Astrophysik, Astrobiologie usw. ist er zur wichtigen Repräsentation ihres Paradigmas in der Massenkultur geworden.

'Contact' spielt selbstverständlich auch in allen möglichen anderen Bewegungen der 'phantastischen Wissenschaft' (z.B. Extropianisten) eine zentrale Rolle - und außerdem im 'offiziellen' Dialog zwischen Wissenschaft und Religion (vgl. American Association for the Advancement of Science).

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Science Fact and Science Fiction
How well did the movie stand up to real SETI science?
Movie Version Reality Check
Detection of a radio signal from an extraterrestrial technological civilization is made at the Very Large Array (VLA), in New Mexico, after Ellie's experiment in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, is shut down by myopic bureaucrats. Despite having 27 antennas, the VLA is four times smaller in collecting area than Arecibo. It is therefore less sensitive, and less suitable for SETI. In addition, use of the VLA would require 27 copies of our receiving system, a formidably expensive proposition! Of course, there's no denying that the VLA is very photogenic.
When her SETI project is shut down, Ellie turns to a Howard Hughes-like private donor to continue the search. When Senator Richard Bryan of Nevada amended the NASA appropriation bill of 1994 to kill SETI, the SETI Institute had to seek private funding. Today the SETI Institute is actively involved in trying to establish a $100 million endowment to ensure that the searching can continue as long as necessary. You can help.
Ellie detects aliens on the airwaves while listening with earphones. Project Phoenix examines 28 million channels simultaneously. We can't afford that many earphones, let alone the graduate students required to listen. Instead, computers scan for signals, and only alert the astronomers when interesting ones appear.
When Ellie stylishly suits up for the White House press conference (only to be upstaged by Drumlin), she is wearing an attractive blue and white pin with a telescope logo. In fact, Ellie is wearing one of our SETI Institute pins. Those of you with really good eyesight may have seen the NASA HRMS pin in the lapel of Fish's suit during the Arecibo party scene. Thanks to Senator Bryan, those are no longer available.

Despite such minor quibbles, there's no doubt that "Contact" is indescribably more accurate in its depiction of SETI than any Hollywood film in history!

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