Joe Firmage, 28, ausgestiegener Silicon Valley Tycoon, auf der Liste der 'Global Leaders of Tomorrow' des 'World Economic Forum' (Davos), hat unter großem Aufsehen die 'International Space Sciences Organization' gegründet - mit dem Ziel, auf dem Internet phantastische Wissenschaft als Leitwissenschaft des nächsten Jahrhunderts zu etablieren . Er investiert zig Millionen Dollar in diese Internet-Kampagne.

Joseph P. Firmage
Phantastische Wissenschaft als Leitwissenschaft - und das Internet

Unser Protagonist ist unter 30. Er bewegt sich im Zentrum der Kommunikationsindustrie, er hat als ein Silicon Valley Tycoon Milliarden gemacht. Jetzt ist er ausgestiegen und seit kurzem dabei, unter dem Namen 'International Space Sciences Organization' mit hunderten von Millionen Dollar Stiftungen usw. ins Leben zu rufen. Es geht ihm, wenn ich es recht verstehe, um folgendes: Er will die Möglichkeit eines globalen Paradigmenwechsels (peace, ecology, ethics) erzählen - vor dem Hintergrund einer Umwälzung unseres kosmologischen Weltbildes, die nur mit der Kopernikanischen Wende zu vergleichen ist. Er benutzt dabei Vorstellungen, Bilder und 'Einsichten' aus den Reservoiren der Massenkultur (aus Star Trek, Akte X, 'Contact', Science Fiction generell). Er hat - in seiner leichten Verrücktheit - damit begonnen, für sich selbst die Geschichte von Religion und Wissenschaft neu zu schreiben. Seine Schriften sind gegenwärtig vor allem deshalb bemerkenswert, weil sie einen der umfassendsten Textkörper (u.a. ein Buch von 600 Seiten) auf dem Internet darstellen, eigens aufwendig für diese Darstellungsform aufbereitet. Internet, TV und Spielfilmproduktion stehen auf seinem Programm. In seiner religiösen tour d'horizon werden Topoi wie 'Heiligkeit', 'Offenbarung', 'Lehre' mit den modernen Mythen um 'extraterrestrials' verwoben. Seine 'phantastische Wissenschaft' ruht auf den neuesten Erkenntnissen der Astrophysik und Kosmologie. Ernsthaft wird das alles u.a. wegen seiner Rolle innerhalb der neuen 'Cyber-Eliten'. So steht er beispielsweise auf der exklusiven Liste der 'Global Leaders for Tomorrow' des World Economic Forum (Davos). (HJK)



Fantastic Science: "What would be the material, scientific basis for redemption? You probably have not heard of the following sweeping revolutions that strike to the very core of what it means to exist: We have discovered that the Cosmos in which we live is a field of intense but mainly uniform energy - in other words, all that you are, touch, see, hear, taste, smell, feel, or think is a pattern of light - a suspension within a single Universal force. We have realized that all things have formed through the function of this light - all ideas, animals, plants, worlds, suns, and galaxies. We have leading physicists who are well-grounded in their belief that gravity is caused by this light - in my words, gravity is like a shadow cast in time by the patterns of space. We have discovered that the light that makes the Cosmos - this "seething vacuum potential" of spacetime - is engineerable through electromagnetic devices. We have definitively confirmed millennia-old anecdotes of "unusual" powers of mind. In experiments spanning decades at some of the most respected universities in the world, human subjects have consistently demonstrated the ability to influence truly random events and random number generating machines, through the power of their conscious intent alone. There is growing agreement among experts that there is only one explanation for this: the function of consciousness is a manipulation and manipulator of the vacuum potential that makes all things. Your mind can directly interact with the Cosmos, at a distance! It would seem then that we and all other things are, collectively, that which has been thought within the mind - a Universal mind that some humans call Cosmos, who others call God." (Firmage)

Das US-Verteidigungsministerium hatte Firmage und andere VIPs im Mai 1999, während des Jugoslawien-Konflikts, zu einem mehrtägigen Besuch militärischer Einrichtungen eingeladen. Hier sein Kommentar, der seinen Gastgebern nicht unbedingt gefallen haben dürfte ( aus 'A New Millenium' ):

"We have been embroiled in conflict in Europe because our international systems of government do not presently possess the vision to implement a stable global society of people passionate about the concept of peace within diversity. - Humanity does not yet see the totality of its common bond. We do not understand that each of us is the same form of animal regardless of our individual physical traits, beliefs, or customs. We do not understand that even our commonality in species is insignificant in comparison to our commonality with all things in the Cosmos. We do not realize that all forms in the Cosmos are simply patterns of energy, or patterns of "force in motion". We do not see that the only true religion is one of which every being within the Cosmos is obviously already a member. Instead of worshiping our diversity, we choose to eviscerate it, convinced that "my god is better than yours", when it is obvious that God is common to all things. We've built massive systems to irradiate each other, infect each other, and shoot lead into each others' bodies because we've chosen to hate our differences. We are seemingly incapable of envisioning and teaching a common system of ethical fundamentals that can span across all faiths, sciences, cultures and species. - Humanity as a system refuses to invest its wealth back into its youth and its Earth. We are willing to spend a quarter trillion dollars a year on Armed Forces prepared to tackle symptomatic crises while not seeing that a force of such scale and sophisticated operational prowess could be chartered anew as an organization for world education and peaceful assistance, striking at the heart of root causes of human pain. And it could be done with the greatest pride, as an organizational first step towards total social experience of Space and Earth. - Does this mean that I argue in behalf of a "pacifist" society? Of course, and as a goal, not simply a vision. Please, tell me what other kind of world you would prefer to live in? Tell me of a weapon system we have made which will not ultimately fall into the hands of a terrorist? How many millions of death warrants have already been thus sealed? For all the powers of our Armed Forces, I learned one fact for certain on my trip across the branches of our military: they will never be able to eliminate the increasingly potent threat of a single fearful individual (let alone nation) equipped with any technology of mass destruction, obtained for the right price. - Humans do not yet politically or socially understand that "truth" and "love" are principles of conscious evolution, and violation of these principles will bring inevitable consequence. We therefore do not preach from our bully pulpits that peace is the ultimate power and the ultimate ideal. - Humanity continues to institutionalize conflict and unbridled competition. Graduating beyond the days of using chains and ropes to bind limbs, we now have made invisible and electronic the evidence of enslavement and waste from our competitive activity, cutting ever lower into the tree of the biosphere. We are governed by an increasingly conscious system of economics whose genetic priorities are unbounded by Nature. While brilliantly organizing human activity with a certain degree of freedom, it is not a self-sufficient cyclical system. What investors take from the Earth through our corporations is not being returned to the Earth."