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Online Buch: Soziologie und Frieden (1993)

Der Religionskrieg um Öl und Geld
(Texte und Links zum 11. September 2001)

Not in our name: 4000 US-Intellektuelle gegen den Krieg hier
Neue Weltordnung (Online-Seminar)

NATO in the Balkans

100 Nobelpreisträger: Democratic Cooperation Is the World's Only Hope
150 US-Intellektuelle: Sich dem Wahnsinn widersetzen...
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Institute of Sociology
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This portal, preserved as it appeared around 2003, was part of a website of the PeaCon-project. The website reflected research and discussion on the world after 9/11. Most online project-activities - with the exception of the archive of Wissenschaft und Frieden - have now been moved to the PeaCon-homepage of H.J. Krysmanski, Professor emeritus at the Institute of Sociology, University of Münster and to the homepage of Rainer Rilling, Professor at the University of Marburg.