Order A FIM Table

Pre assembled FIM Tables can be orders from the University of Münster. To get more informations, please use the request order informations contact form below. Here we give a brief overview of this setup.


A pre assembled FIM table consists of a 300 mm x 300 mm acrylic glass tracking stage integrated into an aluminium frame. To illuminate the acrylic glass, custom made LED strips are mounted around the stage. The standard height is 850 mm.

The illumination is controlled by a knob integrated into the front panel of the table. An LCD display reports the illumination intensity. Furthermore, both the illumination and the glass plate can be removed easily. For more information, see our gallery

The table can be used immediately: Connect the power supply, mount the camera (CAMERA NOT INCLUDED!) and start recording.


  • Easy to use: On/Off button and knob to control illumination intensity
  • LCD display reports the current illumination intensity in percentage
  • Light sources and acrylic glass stage can be replaced easily
  • Height-adjustable feet to compensate an uneven floor
  • Acrylic glass stage height can be adjusted via screws
  • Height and position adjustable camera mount

Request Order Informations

Please use the following link for order information.