Download FIMTrack

You can download different precompiled binaries of FIMTrack, as well as the FIMTrack manual here. Furthermore, take a look at the gallery for a video tutorial of how to use FIMTrack and to see the overall FIM Imaging Workflow.

If you use FIMTrack for your research please cite FIMTrack as follows:
Risse B, Berh D, Otto N, Klämbt C, Jiang X (2017) FIMTrack: An open source tracking and locomotion analysis software for small animals. PLOS Computational Biology 13(5): e1005530.


  • (28.11.2016) An updated version of the standalone FIMTrack program for Mac OS X (X64; i5/i7) is now available.
  • (19.08.2016) There may be are some problems regarding the standalone version of FIMTrack and Mac OS X 10.10 and 10.11. However, you could try to build FIMTrack from source by following the instructions provided at GitHub or you could try the Windows version.
  • (04.02.2016) Second update of the recommended Mac OS and Windows versions. Several Bugs are removed. OpenCV is updated to version 2.4.11 and the UI uses now Qt 5.5.1.
  • (24.09.2014) Recommended Mac OS and Windows version are updated. Several Bugs are removed and new features are added.
  • (06.06.2014) Mac OS versions are precompiled for Mac OS 10.9 (Mavericks) only because of an incompatibility of Qt (v.4) and C++11 in older Mac OS systems.
  • (06.06.2014) New Larva tap added to the results viewer for basic plotting. Larva tab is integrated into Windows and Mac OS 10.9 i5/i7 version. Plots in the larva tab uses QCustomPlot. The manual will be updated soon.

FIMTrack Versions

Please provide contact information. An E-Mail will be sent containing the download link.

FIMTrack Manual

Version Link
FIMTrack v2 Manual Download
FIMTrack v1 Manual Download

Test Images

Image Archive Link
FIM test images Download

Ground Truth Dataset

Archive Link
FIMTrack Validation Data + MATLAB Scripts Download

FIMTrack Source Code

The source code of FIMTrack is available at Github. FIMTrack has been build and tested successfully on recent Linux Mint systems, Mac OS X Mavericks as well as Windows 7.

Flies In Cube Source Code

A java program simulating several flies flying around in a cube is avalable at Github. This program can be used to test 3D tracking algorithms.