Pia Lau
Pia Lau
Institute for Biomagnetism and Biosignalanalysis
Malmedyweg 15
48149 Münster
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Research Project

Tinnitus is a common symptom and yet a debilitating status for 1-3% of the population. Although damages in the inner ear are central for developing subjective Tinnitus, the main role is attributed to neuronal processes. Therefore it is a highly attractive condition for neuroscientific approaches. In our group we analyze lateral inhibition in the auditory cortex, evaluate a music training based on these findings for Tinnitus sufferers, and examine neuronal oscillations in Tinnitus. I am additionally interested in psychological variables in Tinnitus as interoception or attention.

PhD Committee

Prof. Dr. Thomas Ehring
Prof. Dr. Christo Pantev
Prof. Dr. Pienie Zwitserlood


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Lau, P., Miesen, M., Wunderlich, R., Stein, A., Engell, A., Wollbrink, A., Gerlach, A., Junghöfer, M., Ehring, T., & Pantev, C. (in press). The Relevance of Interoception in Chronic Tinnitus: Analyzing Interoceptive Accuracy and Sensibility. BioMed Research International.

Conference Contributions

Lau, P., Schlee, W., Pantev, C. (2013). Does psychotherapy change the global distress network in Tinnitus Subjects? Talk at the “Disentangling the Brain – MEG Workshop”, Trento, Italy.

Lau, P., Schlee, W., Pantev, C. (2013). Connectivity in Tinnitus Subjects and its modification through psychotherapy. Poster Presentation at the Donders Discussions, Nijmegen, Netherlands.

Lau, P., Winkels, M., Schlee, W., Pantev, C. (2014). : The temporal cortex and its role in a tinnitus network. An MEG study. Poster Presentation at the Tinnitus Research Initiative Conference in Auckland, New Zealand.

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Lau, P., Wunderlich, R., Engell, A., Stein, A., Pantev, C. (2015). Cortical Oscillations in Tinnitus and its dependence on being a novice and mental comorbidities. Poster Presentation at the Psychologie und Gehirn, Frankfurt, Germany.


*1987 Dortmund, Germany
2006–2011 Studies in Psychology and Ethnology at the University of Münster and the College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA, USA
2011 Training to become a Clinical Psychologist at the Institute for psychological psychotherapy, Münster
2012 PhD student at the Institute of Biomagnetism and Biosignalanalysis, University Hospital Münster