Hugh Riddell

Institute of Psychology
Fliednerstraße 21
D-48149 Münster
Raum Fl 137a

Phone: 0251-83 34175


Riddell, Hugh

PhD in 2017

Research Areas

My current research is focused on investigating the relationships exist between separate, yet associated high-level visual functions. Specifically, I am interested in how human form is processed during movement through an environment, and whether interactions exist between the neural mechanisms responsible for navigation and those responsible for biological motion processing.


2008-2011          Bachelor of Arts, Double Major in Psychology, University of Western Australia.

2012-2013          Honours in Psychology (Supervisor: Prof. D. Badcock), University of Western Australia. Thesis title: “Evidence Global Shape Processing Is Not

                               Achieved By Stored Shape Templates”

2013                     Beginning of PhD research project, Institute of Psychology, University of Münster.