The IVV Natural Sciences

Foundation for the Structure of IV supply at the University of Münster is "The System of Informationprocessing of the WWU Münster" (Senate decision of 8.7.1996) and the "IV Supply concept of the WWU Münster"  (Decision of the IV Steering Committee of 22.09.2008). On the basis of the rector's letter dating 4.8.1997 the used organizational form is organizational unit.

Tasks of the IVV Natural Sciences

The task of the IVV Natural Sciences is the supervision of the decentralised IV supply in the three departments Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy as well as Biology. The fields of acitivity of the IVV are among other:

  • Setup, maintenance and operation of the large specialist department servers for the Windows and UNIX operating systems from both the hardware and the software side (devices, operating systems and system-related software).
  • Installation, maintenance and operation of the IV equipment in the deaneries, the CIP pools and other central facilities of the departments.
  • Supervision of the specific but inter institute application software, such as word processing systems, language compilers, etc.
  • Provision of interfaces for the subject-specific databases in cooperation with the institute or department libraries and the university library.
  • Provision of the interfaces for setting up the WWW pages of the areas.
  • User support on-site. Assistance in the planning, commissioning, maintenance and upkeep of the IV network in the institutes.
  • Coordination of the work with WWU IT and, if necessary, with the other IVVs.
  • Preparation of budgets for the IVV.
  • Planning and implementation of IV investments in the supply unit in consultation with the institutes. Coordination of the deployment of personnel and material resources, report to the department councils.