of the Faculties of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy as well as Biology for Structuring


IVV Natural Sciences

March 5, 1998
updated version of July 12, 2010

1. Preliminary Remarks

The decentralized Information Processing Supply Unit System (short: IVV, for German "Informationsverarbeitungsversorgungseinheiten") takes account of the fact that a large part of the technical IV services, in particular subject-specific IV services, must be provided in a decentralised manner in the areas concerned.
The basis for the structuring of IV-Supply at the University of Münster is "The Information Processing System of the WWU Münster“ (Senate decision of 8.7.1996)  and the „IV supply concept of WWU Münster“ (Decision of the IV Steering Committee of 22.09.2008).
Due to the "NWZ" computer system introduced by Chemistry und Physics in 1991, there is a wealth of experience in these areas which forms the basis for IVV.
This statute describes the structure of the IVV Natural Sciences, in which the fields of physics, chemistry and pharmacy as well as biology (fields 11, 12 and 13) and various associated fields are combined.

2. Prerequisites

A prerequisite for the operation of the decentralised IVV Natural Sciences is a functional Centre for Information Processing (short: WWU IT), which assumes central tasks. This includes the setup and administration of all users, data backup and archiving, operation of internal (LAN) and external (WAN) networks, operation of central server services (e.g. Mail, WWW), conclusion of campus-wide hardware and software contracts. Further details can be found in the  "Division of tasks between WWU IT and IVV" from 12/1997 and 1/1998 updated 6/2002" (German).

3. Tasks

The task of the IVV Natural Sciences is the supervision of the decentralized IV supply in the three faculties physics, chemistry and pharmacy as well as biology and the associated institutes.

The fields of activity of the IVV include, among others

  • Installation, maintenance and operation of the IVV's central IV system, both hardware and software (equipment, operating systems and system-related software)
  • Installation, maintenance and operation of IV equipment in the deaneries and other central facilities of the divisions
  • Supervision of the specific but inter-institute application software, such as word processing systems, language compilers, etc.
  • Assistance in the planning, commissioning, maintenance and upkeep of IV networking in the institutes
  • Coordination of work with the WWU IT and, if necessary, with the other IV supply units
  • Preparation of budgets for the IVV
  • Planning and implementation of IV investments in IVV
  • Coordination of the deployment of personnel and material resources
  • Accountability report to the faculty councils

4. Organizational Structure

On the basis of the Rector's letter of 4.8.1997, the organizational unit is chosen as the organizational form for the IVV Natural Sciences. The following instances are responsible for the implementation of the tasks in the IVV Natural Sciences according to the  organisation chart.

4.1 The IVV Executive Committee

The IVV Natural Sciences is chaired by the IVV Performance Committee, which consists of one member each of the three departments Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy and Biology. The three full members and their deputies are elected by the participating faculty councils for 3 years each. The members shall have the IT competence necessary for the performance of their duties.
The Technical Director of the IVV is a non-voting member of the IVV performance committee.
The three full members shall mutually appoint a chairman and his deputy from among their number. The terms of office are 3 years. The performance committee is authorised to take decisions on IVV matters and is accountable to the specialist division councils. Decisions are to be taken by mutual agreement in the management committee.

4.2 The Technical Director

A full-time Technical Director organises the ongoing operation of all IVV services and systems. For this purpose, scientific, technical and student staff are available to him on an appropriate scale to look after the systems, applications and users.
The Technical Director is a permanent scientific employee exclusively for this task.
The Technical Director plans the operation and use of operating resources in coordination with the management committee. He prepares all IVV procurements and accompanies and supervises their processing.
The Technical Director is the contact person for all fundamental questions concerning operation, as well as for all requirements that require the use of resources in the central area of IVV.
The Technical Director organises the training and further education of IVV employees and in the institutes on all topics necessary for computer and application operation in IVV.
On request, the Technical Director advises the institutes on all IV issues relating to planning, procurement and new and further developments, in particular on the use and integration of the centrally offered IVV services and systems.
The Technical Director implements the decisions taken by the IVV Management Board, if necessary together with the Chairperson of the IVV Management Board.

4.3 The IVV Group of Experts

The IVV expert group consists of at least one expert representative from each institute of the participating departments, the WWU IT staff members responsible for the IVV Natural Sciences and the members of the IVV performance committee. The institute representatives are nominated by the managing directors of the institutes to the chairperson of the IVV performance committee. They shall be responsible for the supervision of IV systems or the IV supply of the Institute. In principle, IVV users first contact the institute representatives in all IV matters. The expert group may form working groups to prepare recommendations.
The IVV Expert Committee meets at least once per semester at the invitation of the Chairperson of the IVV Performance Committee. The Management Board shall report to the IVV Expert Group on the financial management. The Technical Director reports on the operation, planning and further development of the IT system. Basic problems are discussed in the IVV expert group. Minutes of these meetings are sent to the deans of the three departments, the managing directors of the institutes and the head of the WWU IT.

5. Personnel Deployment

It must be ensured that the allocation of personnel funds for central activities in the IVV is based on the use of the services of the departments involved in the IVV Natural Sciences. Any necessary balance between the institutes or departments is made annually. The key required for this, currently Biology:Chemistry:Physics 1:2:1, is checked regularly.

Redundant staffing is strived for in all central areas of responsibility.

The following personnel is required:

5.1 Performance Committee

The members are usually full-time scientists who do not work full-time for the IVV.

5.2 System Support

The employees assigned to the Technical Director are used for system support. The WWU IT supports the IVV according to the Senate decision of 8.7.1996, Section 6.

The need for personnel must be reviewed regularly. The following positions must be centrally located at IVV:

Technical Director:                       1 Full-time equivalent  Research Assistant
Central Administrator:                2 Full-time equivalent Technicians

In addition, the subject areas make additional personnel available on a large scale so that the proper operation of the central systems is made possible. The needs shall be determined by the governing body in the Staffingplan of the IVV.


5.3 Institute's Supply

Institutions must in principle provide human resources for their own basic provision. The special IV tasks in the working groups must also be carried out there. If necessary, the institute representatives also participate in central tasks.

6. Budget Funds

The budget allocated to the departments by the rectorate is managed by the IVV. The funds are used on the one hand to operate the joint facilities (servers etc.), on the other hand for purposes which are the sole responsibility of individual departments or institutes.

7. Final Remark

 The Original Version on the structuring of the IVV Natural Sciences was adopted by consensus on 5 March 1998 by a joint commission of the departments of Physics and Chemistry and Pharmacy. Commission members were:

Department Physics:

Prof. Dr. Pollmann, Dekan
Prof. Dr. Münster
Prof. Dr. Santo
Dr. Glasow
Dr. Zierau

Department Chemistry and Pharmacy:

Prof. Dr. Redlich, Dekan
Prof. Dr. Hoffmann
Prof. Dr. Klessinger
Prof. Dr. Züchner
Dr. Höhn
Dr. Möller

Author:  Department Physics: Dr. W. Zierau
  Department Chemistry and Pharmacy Dr. M. Möller

The paper was adopted by the departmental councils of the three departments involved in June 1998.

The update was prepared by the IVVperformance committee and was made known to the deans of the departments on 12.07.2010 and confirmed by them.

This version of the Staff Regulations largely corresponds to the printed version. A PDF-Version is also available. (German only)