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Teaching staff

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Freelance lecturers at the University of Music

The freelance lecturers at the University of Music perform an important and highly qualified task, which benefits the education of our students. Many freelance lecturers have worked here for years and earn a considerable portion of their income from their teaching assignments at the University.
In contrast to our full-time academic staff, freelance lecturers have practically no legal claim to employment-related entitlements or benefits. The Dean’s Office is fully aware of its responsibility to address the interests of its visiting lecturers.

In December 2017, the University of Music issued a declaration of intent which offers visiting lecturers a career perspective on one hand, while also affirming its commitment to maintain and continue strengthening a respectful working atmosphere and a strong, productive collaboration between all teaching staff and the University administration.

The memorandum issued by the Dean’s Office and the visiting lecturers addressing this situation is available here as a PDF download (German only).