Neues Online-Buch: A History of Immunology


A History of Immunology (Second Edition)
Author(s): Arthur M. Silverstein
2009 Elsevier , ISBN: 978-0-12-370586-0

List of Photos Foreword: On History and Historians Preface to the Second Edition Preface to the First Edition PART ONE: INTELLECTUAL HISTORY 1. Theories of Acquired Immunity 2. Cellular vs. Humoral Immunity 3. Theories of Antibody Formation 4. The Generation of Diversity: The Germline/Somatic Mutation Debate 5. The Clonal Selection Theory Challenged: The Immunological Self 6. The Concept of Immunologic Specificity 7. Specificity Continued 8. Horror Autotoxicus: The Concept of Autoimmunity 9. Allergy and Immunopathology: The „Price“ of Immunity 10. Anti-Antibodies and Anti-Idiotypic Immunoregulation: 1899-1904 11. Transplantation and Immunogenetics PART TWO: SOCIAL HISTORY 12. Magic Bullets and Poisoned Arrows: The Uses of Antibodies 13. The Royal Experiment: 1721-22 14. The Languages of Immunologic Dispute 15. The Search for Cell-Bound Antibodies. On the Influence of Dogma 16. Natural‘ Antibodies and ‚Virgin‘ Lymphocytes: The Importance of Context 17. The Dynamics of Conceptual Change in Immunology 18. Immunology in Transition 1951-1972: The Role of International Meetings and Discipline Leaders 19. The Origin of Subdisciplines: (Ocular Immunology; Pediatric Immunology; Immunophysiology) 20. Immune Hemolysis: On the Heuristic Value of an Experimental System 21. Darwinism and Immunology: from Metchnikoff to Burnet 22. The End of Immunology? Appendix A1. The Calendar of Immunologic Progress Appendix A2. Seminal Discoveries Appendix A3. Important Books in Immunology, 1892 – 1968 Appendix B. Nobel Prize Highlights in Immunology Appendix C. Biographical Dictionary