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WWU Dissertation Prize for Dr. Annika Bach

She was awarded for her thesis in the field of Calculus of Variations

The WWU University Management honoured the best doctors of the year 2019. The mathematician Annika Bach not only received the title "summa-cum-laude", but also a thesis prize which is endowed with 3,500 euros.

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Dr. José Luis Romero (Wien): Sampling and time-frequency analysis

Colloquium Wilhelm Killing on 12 December 2019

Dr. José Luis Romero (Wien) will give a talk entitled "Sampling and time-frequency analysis" on 12 December 2019 at 4:30 pm in lecture hall M5. Tea and coffee will be served in the Common Room from 4pm.


Advent calendars with science questions

If you want to solve tricky questions with a scientific background during Advent, you should click on the WWU Online Advent Calendar [de]. There is also a mathematical question hidden behind one of the doors. For children, teenagers and school classes, the website "Maths in Advent" is recommended. Every day you can find new puzzles for different ages.

Prof. Dr. Matthias LöweProf. Dr. Matthias Löwe
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An enthusiastic stochastic and writer

Portrait of Prof. Matthias Löwe in the university newspaper

MM-scientist Prof. Dr. Matthias Löwe is not only an enthusiastic stochastic, but also a writer. He writes poetry, short stories and crime thrillers with local colour. A portrait can be found in the current issue of the university newspaper "wissen I leben". [de]

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Department offers various insights for prospective students

"Hochschultag" in Münster on 7 November

On 7 November around 17,000 prospective students will take the opportunity to gather information at the "Hochschultag Münster". The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science offers a wide range of input. In short lectures the visitors can get a first impression of the study programmes. [de]

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MMGS promotes networking and scientific excellence

New graduate school for PhD students in mathematics

The Cluster of Excellence Mathematics Münster and the mathematical institutes have inaugurated the "Mathematics Münster Graduate School" (MMGS).

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Prof. Dr. Bachir Bekka (Rennes): Dual spaces of algebraic groups

Colloquium Wilhelm Killing on 31 October 2019

Prof. Dr. Bachir Bekka (Université de Rennes) will give a talk entitled "Dual spaces of algebraic groups" on 31 October 2019 at 4:30 pm in lecture hall M5. Tea and coffee will be served in the Common Room from 4pm.

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Prof. Dr. Marc Levine (Duisburg-Essen): GWGW theory

Colloquium Wilhelm Killing on 24 October 2019

Prof. Dr. Marc Levine (University of Duisburg-Essen), member of our Scientific Advisory Board, will give a lecture entitled "GWGW theory" on 24 October 2019 at 4:30 pm in lecture hall M5. Tea and coffee will be served in the Common Room from 4pm.

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New postdocs of Mathematics Münster

The new postdocs of Mathematics Münster introduced themselves at the Wilhelm Killing Colloquium on 17 October 2019. In short lectures they gave an insight into their field of research.


New postdocs of Mathematics Münster: Scientific postdoc presentations

Colloquium Wilhelm Killing on 17 october 2019

Get an insight into the research of Mathematic Münster's new postdoctoral researchers. In short scientific presentations these postdocs will introduce their topics: Giles Gardam, Sahana Hassan Balasubramanya, Claudius Heyer, Benno Kuckuck, Omar Mohsen, Matteo Perugini, Jens Reinhold and Alexander Stottmeister.

bike and universitybike and university
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Register now: Conference "Advanced Solvers for modern Architectures 2019"

Registration is open until 27 October 2019

The conference will take place from 11 to 13 November 2019. The following speakers have confirmed their attendance: Erin Carson (Charles University), Wim Vanroose (University of Antwerp), Stefano Zampini (KAUST), Laura Grigori (INRIA), Eike Müller (University of Bath), Andreas Frommer (University of Wuppertal), Nicole Spillane (École Polytechnique) , Andrew T. Barker (LLNL).

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New Parent-child rooms

Cluster members can use the parents' office while the little ones play next door. In addition, experienced babysitters look after the children during conferences or colloquia.

Arnd Scheel
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New Münster Research Fellow: Prof. Dr. Arnd Scheel

Arnd Scheel (University of Minnesota) joins the cluster as a Münster Research Fellow. He is internationally renowned for his discoveries of mathematical principles of self-organization, in particular the dynamics of patterns and waves in complex systems.

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Successful start with Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Lück

New talk series "Brücken in der Mathematik"

The first speaker of the new public series "Brücken in der Mathematik" was Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Lück from the University of Bonn. His lecture was entitled "The Language, the Fascination and the Meaning of Mathematics". The topologist gave many entertaining examples.

blackboard and chalkblackboard and chalk
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Apply this week for PhD and postdoctoral positions!

Start of the evaluation: 15 november 2019

We offer several PhD and postdoctoral positions in all fields of mathematics related to our Cluster. The evaluation for the current application round will start on 15 november 2019.

Shanghai ranking: top position for mathematics

In the recently published "Shanghai Ranking", a worldwide comparison of universities, mathematics of the University of Münster was ranked 51-75, one group higher than in the previous year. Münster's mathematics also scored very well in a national comparison: it now ranks among the top 3 in Germany.

Prof. Dr. Martin Hils and Prof. Dr. Matthias LöweProf. Dr. Martin Hils and Prof. Dr. Matthias Löwe
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Mathematical lectures for laypersons

New lecture series "Brücken in der Mathematik" starts on 2 July 2019

The Cluster of Excellence Mathematics Münster starts a new lecture series that is explicitly addressed to mathematical laymen (in german language).

Opening ColloquiumOpening Colloquium
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The Cluster of Excellence "Mathematics Münster" celebrates its official launch

Opening colloquium at the University of Münster with top-ranking international researchers

Last week the new Cluster of Excellence “Mathematics Münster: Dynamics – Geometry – Structure” staged its opening event at the University of Münster with a three-day colloquium. From 20 to 22 June, fifteen distinguished international scholars from nine countries held specialist lectures, providing insights into their current research.

Opening of the Common RoomOpening of the Common Room

Opening of the Common Room

Bright lounge furniture, warm light, large blackboards: this is what it looks like, the new Common Room of the Cluster of Excellence "Mathematics Münster". "The room should be a magnetic attraction for all cluster members," said cluster spokesman Prof. Dr. Christopher Deninger at the opening ceremony.

Stephan Luckhaus

Münster Research Fellow: Prof. Dr. Stephan Luckhaus (Leipzig)

Prof. Dr. Stephan Luckhaus (Leipzig) joins the cluster as a Münster Research Fellow. Luckhaus works on partial differential equations that model physical or bio-medical processes. His main interests are free boundary problems (in general), phase changes and many particle systems as well as geometric theory of nonlinear elasticity and plasticity and applied geometric measure theory.

Prof. Dr. Wilhelm WinterProf. Dr. Wilhelm Winter
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European Research Council award for Wilhelm Winter

"Advanced Grant": Münster mathematician receives funding of 1.6m euros

A great distinction for a mathematician from the University of Münster: the European Research Council (ERC) awards an Advanced Grant to Prof. Wilhelm Winter. The grant is one of the most important in Europe awarded for research purposes.

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One term – three different interpretations

How the three Clusters of Excellence understand and use "dynamics"

As different as the term “dynamic” is used and understood in science, so diverse are the research areas of the University of Münster, in which dynamic even plays a central role in the title. Prof. Christopher Deninger and Prof. Mario Ohlberger from the Cluster of Excellence „Mathematics Münster“, the lawyer Prof. Nils Jansen from the Cluster of Excellence „Religion and Politics“ and the biochemist Prof. Lydia Sorokin from Cells-in-Motion Cluster of Excellence explain what they understand by the term in their research.

Matthias Aschenbrenner
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New Münster Research Fellow: Prof. Dr. Matthias Aschenbrenner (UCLA)

For seven months Prof. Dr. Matthias Aschenbrenner (UCLA) joins the group of Prof. Dr. Dr. Katrin Tent as a Münster Research Fellow. Aschenbrenners work centers in and around model theory, but has branched into other fields of mathematics, often using results and methods originating in mathematical logic. His most spectacular achievements arising from a long-term collaboration with L. van den Dries and J. van der Hoeven, has culminated in the book Asymptotic Differential Algebra and Model Theory of Transseries.