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MM Connect

New event by and for PhDs and Postdocs

The new event format "MM Connect" offers young scientists of the Cluster the opportunity to exchange ideas regularly.
They can present themselves and their research project (MM Arrival), say goodbye when the next career step is due (MM Departure) and exchange basic ideas and concepts (MM Common Ground).

Dynamics, random media and universality of complex physical systems

August 26 - 30, 2019

The conference aims to establish strong interactions between probability theory, analysis and statistical mechanics to investigate physical systems with random input and high degree of complexity. It will bring together leading experts of a wide spectrum of all three topics as well as young researchers and foster an intense exchange of ideas.

Organizing Committee: Gerold Alsmeyer, Steffen Dereich, Zakhar Kabluchko, Matthias Löwe, Chiranjib Mukherjee
(University of Münster)

Dynamics, random media and universality of complex physical systems

6th Applied Mathematics Symposium Münster

Recent advances in the Calculus of Variations

September 16 -19, 2019

The Calculus of Variations is a research field whose boundaries have been constantly pushed by questions emerging both in pure mathematics and in the applied sciences. The scope of this Workshop is to bring together experts in the field who will present talks on recent advances in theoretical and applied problems in the Calculus of Variations.

Organizers: Manuel Friedrich, Caterina Ida Zeppieri (University of Münster)

6th Applied Mathematics Symposium Münster: Recent advances in the Calculus of Variations

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Bridges in Mathematics

New series for mathematical laypersons

The new lecture series "Bridges in Mathematics" focuses on questions and topics that are trend-setting in different mathematical areas and that connect the areas together. The first speaker was Leibniz Prize winner Prof Dr Wolfgang Lück from the University of Bonn. His lecture was entitled "The language, fascination and significance of mathematics".

Further information and photos from the first event: Lecture series "Bridges in Mathematics" [de]