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MEET, the Battery Research Center at Münster University, is also the headquarter of the Battery Competence Center forming part of the program ElektroMobilität NRW. Together with the Competence Center for Vehicle Technology in Aachen and the one for Infrastructure and Networks in Dortmund, the Competence Center in Münster forms a network bringing together NRW-wide research and development activities connected with electromobility. The main objective is to achieve a targeted and coordinated approach to the challenges associated with electromobility, integrating all the relevant players. The competence centers are also available to provide assistance to partners from research and industry. These activities aim to make the state of North Rhine-Westphalia a significant base in the long term for innovation and production in the electric vehicle sector. At the same time, NRW wants to help Germany in its bid to become the leading market for electromobility. The competence centres also aim to increase acceptance of this new propulsion technology among private and institutional users by means of communication, information and regional promotion campaigns.

The following brochure provides an overview of current funded electromobility projects in NRW: Elektromobilität in NRW.

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