Genome analysis for understudying the role of sugars and  sugar transporters in biotic and abiotic stress tolerance of crop plants

Dr. K. Ulaganathan

PhD projects to be supervised by Dr. K. Ulaganathan can be designed in the area genomics of sugar transport between the source and sink tissue and the role of sugars in signalling and biotic and abiotic stress tolerance. Projects can be designed  involving one or more of the following steps.
  1. Genome-wide analysis of  selected plant and microbial genomes for genes associated with carbohydrate metabolism for understanding their role in biotic and abiotic stress tolerance (together with Moerschbacher)
  2. Meta  analyses of previous information on carbohydrate metabolism of plants and plant associated microbes and establishment of an online resource (together with Moerschbacher, Sonti, Peter-Katalinić)
  3. Understanding role of sugar transporters  in plant microbe interaction (together with Moerschbacher, Sonti and Podile)
  4. Genome analysis for prediction of candidate genes (specially carbohydrate metabolism genes) for drought tolerance and functional validation using molecular markers in suitable mapping populations (together with Moerschbacher, Peter-Katalinić and Sonti)
  5. RNAi based silencing of selected carbohydrate metabolism genes and study the alteration of gene expression pattern to elucidate their role in biotic and abiotic stress tolerance in crop plants (together with Moerschbacher and Sonti)

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