March 2014: The student Archana Vijaya Kumar won the prize “Youth Travel Fellowship” sponsored by the 16th World Congress of the International Society of Gynecological Endocrinology (ISGE) “Zucker
beeinflusst Ausbreitung von Brustkrebs im Körper: ISGE-Nachwuchspreis für Archana Vijaya Kumar“

Summer School 2013 in Münster, Germany

June 24th – July 24th, 2013
PI week: June 24th to July 7th
presentations by candidates and doctoral committee meetings: June 25th to July 2nd
on-site evaluation for extension: July 3rd and 4th
excursion to Frankfurt and river Rhein: July 5th to 7th
lab rotation and Basic Lecture in Glyco-Sciences: July 8th to 12th
compact technical training in lab of choice: July 15th to 19th
Intercultural Communication Workshop by Purvi Shah-Paulini: July 22nd and 23rd

Winter School 2012 in Hyderabad, India

November 19th- December 15th, 2012

Network Symposium in Münster, Germany

October 14th - 16th, 2011
The first MCGS Network Symposium of the Indo-German International Research Training Group on “Molecular and Cellular Glyco-Sciences” ended successfully (yesterday) with a typical Westphalian evening in Münster´s open air museum “Mühlenhof”. The doctoral students of this DFG-funded IRTG invited five internationally renowned scientists and members of their groups from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Japan, and the U.S. to discuss their work and progress in their fields, and to explore future possibilities of cooperation. more...

Summer School 2011 in Münster, Germany

July 4th - 30th, 2011
Indo-German excursion in the frame of the 2nd Summer School of the First Indo-German Inernational Research Training Group on "Molecular and Cellular Glyco-Sciences" (IRTG-MCGS) to Bremen and Hamburg. more...

Photo Excursion July 2011

Winter School 2010 in Hyderabad, India

Nov. 22nd - Dec. 18th, 2010

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