This course will provide students with:

(1) exposure to the diversity of research in politics that uses survey and experimental methods;

(2) a solid theoretical background in the scientific and philosophical foundations of modern survey and experimental methods and

(3) the practical skills and folk wisdoms essential for conducting methodologically sound survey and experiments in political science. We will consider basic issues in research design, methodologies both simple and esoteric, and ethical concerns for human subjects research. In addition to standard survey and
laboratory experiments, we will explore field, quasi-experimental, and survey experimental methods. Numerous examples will be drawn from the political psychology and political science literatures.


Course Evaluation

Grading will be based on a final paper. Additionally, there will be a Studienleistung in which participants would have to provide a methodological research design for their paper. 


Survey and Experiment Seminar days:

Wed, Oct. 10: Introduction Seminar (12-2pm Raum 100.125)

Tues, Oct 16: Available on Skype (12-2pm)

Sat, Oct 20: Block Seminar Day 1 (9am-5pm Raum 100.125)

Sun, Oct 21: Block Seminar Day 2 ((9am-1pm Raum 100.125)

Sat, Nov. 3: Block Seminar Day 3 (9am-1pm Raum 100.125)

Wed, Nov. 28: Hausarbeit due

Kurs im HIS-LSF

Semester: WiSe 2018/2019