LOD4WFS Adapter (Linked Open Data for Web Feature Services)

The LOD4WFS Adapter (Linked Open Data for Web Feature Services) is a service to provide access to Linked Geographic Data from Geographic Information Systems (GIS). It implements a service which listens to WFS requests and converts these requests into the SPARQL Query Language for RDF. After the SPARQL Query is processed, the LOD4WFS Adapter receives the RDF result set from the Triple Store, encodes it as a WFS XML document, and returns it to the client, e.g. a GIS. This approach enables current GIS to transparently have access to geographic LOD data sets, using their implementation of WFS – without any adaptation whatsoever being necessary. In order to reach a higher number of GIS, the currently most common implementation of WFS has been adopted for the LOD4WFS Adapter, namely the OGC Web Feature Service Implementation Specification 1.0.0

WMSS (Web Music Score Service)

The Web Music Score Service (WMSS) is an interface that allows the discovery of music scores on the web using platform-independent clients. It serves as an intermediate layer between data sets and application clients, providing standard access to MEI and MusicXML files.

MusicOWL – Music Score Ontology

MusicOWL is an OWL Ontology for encoding music scores of western music. It provides a comprehensive vocabulary that covers important music-related information, such as melodies, voices, dynamics, and tonalities. 

MusicXML to RDF Converter

The MusicXML to RDF converter parses MusicXML files and converts them to RDF, based on the MusicOWL Ontology.



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