Summer School: Classics and German (Flyer)

The program "Classics and German" has been succcessfully established in 2011 as the first studies program of its kind in Germany. It has since brought several visiting students, faculty, and scholars from different fields of research to Muenster, and it has been copied in other places.

Graduate students from the U.S and countries of the E.U. are welcome to participate in a unique combination of German language courses and regular courses in classics, with an emphasis on Latin and Greek literature and language, late antique, medieval, and byzantine studies, epigraphy and ancient history.

German language courses will be run by WipDaF, the university's special unit focussed on teaching German for future academics. You will find a placement test, lists of fees and costs, registration forms and much more online. Please look for the dates and levels that are most convenient for you.

WipDaf also offers help with finding accomodation, please find information on their website.

The core program 2019 will take place from 3rd of June until 12th of July. You are invited to come earlier or stay longer. Most regular courses will end by 12th of July, but extracurricular events and special venues may continue until the end of July or later. Please apply for the German courses separately at WipDaf’s homepage.

Participants get access to ongoing official courses in the BA and MA curriculum, colloquia and venues of the PhD and postdoc-events in the numerous programs of Classics and related fields of research (including archeology, biblical studies, philologies, reception studies etc). Access will be facilitated by introductory sessions and additional material for G&C participants in order to follow easily the regular curriculum. German students will help to get involved in campus life and its multifold activities. Participants who want to discuss their ongoing work (PhD and others) are invited to send us a note, we will be happy to organize something for you. Certificates for the summer course and its contents are available.

As for the Classics’ part of the program (participation in regular courses, special German classes, venues, conferences), please send an email to

arweiler AT

by 27th of March 2019, containing a short CV, specifying the state and areas of your studies, and information on your special fields of interest, e.g. with regard to your Master degree or PhD. Please also include a name of a referee at your home university.

 We will contact each accepted participant in order to organize their personal and best fitting schedule and program for their stay at Muenster.

Looking forward to reading from you.