> Hate Speech and Platform Regulation

The ITM kindly invites you to the workshop series „Hate Speech and Platform Regulation„.

The events will take place on 17 November, 24 November and 26 November 2020 from 3 pm to 5 pm via Zoom. Speakers from all overEurope will give an input on the topic in 15-minute short presentations. Afterwards there will be time for discussion. The event will be held in English. More information and Zoom-Links will be published on the workshop homepage.



The prevalence of hate speech is on the rise in the last decade globally. Social media platforms have become the dominant vehicles of public communication, competing with traditional forms of mass media. While the legacy media system consisted of layers of control which filtered inappropriate expressions, social media is a decentralised, uninhibited, directly accessible communication tool. The algorithms which govern the content feed are intransparent, and the exact duties and responsibilities of content management by these platform companies are not settled by regulation.

While a variety of problems are apparent with dominant digital communication platforms (such as disinformation, threats to media pluralism and concentration of opinion power), so far it is the issue of hate speech which has been a driving force of platform regulation and is in the centre of the debate.

It posts basic questions: who can/should/must write the rules for communication in the digital era: the tech companies, the state or the society? What are the legal and technological instruments to tackle the threats of digital platforms? What are the legal and technical limits, and how can algorithms be useful?


Päivi Korpisaari – Kristiina Koivukari (University of Helsinki)
Enni Ala-Mikkula (University of Helsinki)
Anna Dingertz (Swedish Broadcasting
Richard Janda (McGill University)
Nikolaus Forgó (University of Vienna)
Mårten Schultz (University of Stockholm)
Maximilian Hemmert-Halswick (FH Westküste)
Lorna Woods (University of Essex)
Elfa Ýr Gylfadóttir (Reykjavík, Broadcasting
Authority of Iceland)
Elena Dodonova (Council of Europe)
Irini Katsirea (University of Sheffield)
Bernd Holznagel (University of Münster)
Jan Kalbhenn (University of Münster)
Judit Bayer (University of Münster)