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The IPR-Helpdesk (IPR-HD) is a European network consisting of several research institutes, law firms and consultancies. The project is promoted by the Commission of the EU and aims at supporting the use and commercialization of intellectual property rights by SMEs (small and medium-sized entities) and research institutes, particularly on a European level. The work includes, for example, assistance in finding advisory boards for registration, protection and utilization of copyrights, patents and trademarks. The IPR-HD operates with various instruments like websites, newsletters, CD-ROMs, a helpline, seminars and workshops.
The project is headed by the Universidad of Alicante (Spain) and the Global Europe Consulting Group (Brussels). The ITM serves as a content provider for the German speaking area. Further partners in the field of science are the Centre de Recherches Informatiques et Droit in Namur (Belgium), the Institute of Commercial Protection of Law at the Universidad de Alicante and the Centre for Commercial Law Studies in London (Great Britain).

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  Research Centre for Industrial Property Rights
  Industrial property rights play a significant role in many sectors of economy. An
effective legal protection of inventions and technical advances is an unalterable condition for a working political economy. Consider, for example, that someone who has set up in business would quickly lose the advantage of competitors, if industrial property rights did not exist.
But also many law graduates are faced with increasing demands for skills in industrial property rights when job hunting, though hardly any curriculum covers this branch of law. Since its establishment in 1998, the Research Centre for Industrial Property Rights tries to supply this need by offering additional training besides its research activities on this sector.

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  Matters of Law in the German Research Network (DFN)
The German Research Network (Deutsches Forschungsnetz / DFN) supports communication and the exchange of information or data between representatives of science, research, education and culture in national and international networks.
In this context, the DFN also operates as an online-provider. With reference to legal questions of liability, telecommunications and data protection, the DFN-members are faced with increasing problems. As recent dispensation on liability of providers and the new German multimedia acts could not achieve legal uncertainty in this area, practical and efficient assistance is required. Therefore the ITM functions as a legal consultant in terms of information and communication services.


Respect is another project initiated by the Commission of the EU. Within the scope of the Information Society Technologies (IST) programme, RESPECT is an interdisciplinary cooperation of several institutes in Great Britain, Belgium, Hungary, Austria and Germany. The project aims at drawing up a set of professional and ethical rules for socio-economic research within the EU. As the German partner, the ITM is developping guidelines for the use of intellectual property in compliance with copyright provisions of the Member States. For this, great emphasis is put on recent EU copyright directives and changes in national laws.


  Completed projects
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