Scientific Work Packages


Basic mechanisms of microglia activation and new molecular targets
Leader: Adriana MAGGI

WP2 Neurogenesis / regeneration in ND-associated NI
Leader: Ludwig AIGNER

WP3 Synthesis of probes for detection of NIND by PET and SPECT
Leader: Bert WINDHORST

WP4 Probes for NIND detection by MRI and OI
Leader: Enzo TERRENO

WP5 Validation of new probes for NIND in animal models
Leader: Anna PLANAS

WP6 In vivo monitoring of NI, ND and endoNSC interactions in animal models and of the effect of M1/M2 conversion modulators in animal models
Leader: Annemie VAN DER LINDEN

WP7 Quantification of imaging biomarkers
Leader: Adriaan LAMMERTSMA

WP8 Clinical studies
Leader: Alex GERHARD

WP9 Imaging-guided immuno-modulation in patients with MCI
Leader: Clive HOLMES

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