Management (Work Package 10)

Management activities of INMiND are based on proven management efficiencies and comprise the following aspects:

  • Project Coordinator (PC; responsible for overall management, scientific success, budget)
  • Management Office (MO; administrative, legal, contractual, financial, ethical and gender aspects; preparation of consortium agreement and reports; management of budget, website, meetings; day-to-day communications within and outside the consortium, to EC and to stakeholders)
  • Scientific Management Board (SMB; main working committee consisting of WP leaders; responsible for research activities; preparation of reports, and annual implementation plans)
  • Specific Tasks Board (STB; board for training, integration, dissemination, IPR management, ethical and gender aspects of the project; implementation of training; exchange of personnel; integration of SMEs; IPR management; support the establishment of a European PhD in Molecular Imaging and Biomedical Research; organization of scientific meetings; review of ethical and gender related issues)
  • Governing Board (GB; all INMiND principal investigators; approves proposals of SMB; in time delivery of reports to WP leaders)
  • Scientific and Ethical Advisory Committees (SAC, EAC; will review and advise on scientific and ethical aspects of the project).

Inmind Fig5a

The management activities of INMiND are circled around the governing bodies of the scientific work packages indicating the importance of the Scientific Management Board (SMB) and the Specific Tasks Board (STB) as the key strategic/ethical review and decision-making structures guiding the overall directions of the research over the 5-year period.

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