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The University of Southampton was founded in 1952 and is one of the top biomedical research universities in the UK. The clinical neurosciences division ( has internationally recognised research examining the role of CNS neuroinflammation in neurodegenerative disease and is well established with strong collaborations between clinical research (Holmes); human neuropathology (Nicoll) and animal models (Perry). Southampton neurosciences group has long standing collaborations with key research networks within the UK (Dementia Neurodegenerative Diseases Research Network; Alzheimer‟s Society UK and the Alzheimer Research Trust) and with European organisations (European Alzheimer‟s Disease Consortium and the European Union inflammation network (Neurinfnet)) (European conference host 2008); aimed at improving and facilitating dementia research including clinical trials in Alzheimer‟s Disease and our understanding of the role of neuroinflammation in neurodegenerative disease.

Main tasks
The primary objective is to implement a clinical study in amyloid-positive patients with amnestic MCI, who have a high likely-hood for conversion into manifest Alzheimer‟s Disease, where the effects of immunomodulatory therapy shall be non-invasively followed by in vivo PET amyloid and microglial activation markers. The randomised placebo control trial of the immunotherapy agent will be co-ordinated by Prof Clive Holmes (P17) and take place at the University of Southampton (P17) as well as at Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust with imaging taking place at the University of Manchester (P10a, K. Herholz, A. Gerhard).

Participation in INMiND: WP9 (leader) / WP10.

Previous experience relevant to INMiND tasks

The Memory assessment and Research Unit (M.A.R.C.) at the University of Southampton has been conducting clinical drug trials in Alzheimer‟s Disease for over 20 years with experience of over 200 randomised placebo controlled trials ( including amyloid immunisation agents and independent investigator initiated trials assessing the long term assessment of clinical and neuropathological outcomes of immunisation agents. In addition we have extensive experience of regulatory trials for PET and SPECT imaging agents (Flutemetamol and Dopamine Transporter) and have established the effects of systemic inflammation on clinical progression in Alzheimer’s Disease with successful investigator initiated industry grant support (Pfizer) to examine the role of immunomodulators of peripheral TNFα antagonists on disease progression in AD (STEADI study ( The University of Manchester has extensive experience of neuroimaging expertise including work on neuroinflammation using the prototypic inflammatory tracer [11C]PK11195 and on amyloid tracers using a combination of PET and MRI techniques.

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