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Group Description

Brief description of legal entity
In 2007, the European Institute for Molecular Imaging (EIMI) was founded by a public-private-partnership between the University (PI: Prof. Dr. Dr. Otmar Schober) and Siemens Medical Solutions. EIMI is a central academic institution of the University of Münster (WWU) working in the fields of developing, validating and applying molecular imaging technologies. EIMI has appointed two jointly acting directors, Prof. Dr. Andreas Jacobs and Prof. Dr. Michael Schäfers for two major areas of work (Target Biology & Chemistry; Technology & Imaging). EIMI is based on strong inter-faculty and interdisciplinary links between basic researchers and medical imaging scientists involving the faculties of medicine, chemistry and pharmacy, mathematics and computer sciences and physics. Therefore, the EIMI provides a broad spectrum of expertise from medicine, natural and computer sciences. M. Schäfers is the Director of the Department of Nuclear Medicine (including radiochemistry) of the University Hospital and leads the DFG-funded collaborative research centre SFB 656 'Molecular cardiovascular imaging' as scientific co-ordinator. A. Jacobs was project coordinator of FP6 NoE 'Diagnostic Molecular Imaging' (DiMI), he is leader of WP 'Molecular Imaging' in EuroBioImaging and past president of the European Society for Molecular Imaging (ESMI).

Main tasks
EIMI focuses on the development of new molecular imaging approaches to study disease-specific molecular alterations in the major disease areas (cardiovascular disease, oncology, inflammation, neurodegeneration). The most important applications comprise the development of new radiotracers (targeting MMPs, TSPO), imaging studies in mouse model systems (AD, PD), which can be translated into clinical application to serve imaging-guided patient-tailored diagnosis and treatment.

Participation in INMiND: WP1 / WP2 / WP3 / WP5 / WP6 / WP7 / WP8 / WP9 / WP10 (leader) / WP11 (leader) / WP12.

Previous experience relevant to INMiND tasks

Multi-modal imaging of experimental models by μPET, μCT, μMRI, ultrasound and optical imaging, and of patients by SPECT/CT, PET/CT; radiotracer development; quantification of therapy response is established. EIMI together with the Department of Nuclear Medicine operates a broad research programme in inflammation and neurodegeneration allowing multi-modal molecular imaging studies (PET, MRI, optical, US) in models and patients employing [18F]BR351 (MMP; matrix degradation), [18F]DPA714 (TSPO; activated microglia), and [18F]AF110 (caspase; apoptosis) in addition to standard contrast agents and radiotracers.

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