Universita Vita-Salute San Raffaele, Milano, Italy

Group Description

Brief description of legal entity
The Vita-Salute San Raffaele University and the Scientific Institute San Raffaele (USR) represent references in the field of Neuroscience, Neurology and Neuroimaging in Italy. The USR owns a large number of facilities devoted to in vivo studies of the brain in neurology and psychiatry: 1) Radiochemistry laboratory settled according to GMP requirement for clinical research. 2) Two cyclotrons allowing the routine production of several PET radioligands. 3) Three 3D state of the art PET scanners for brain functional and molecular studies in humans. 4) 3T MRI scanner devoted entirely to brain research. 5) Centre for preclinical imaging (7T MRI and animal PET) and a mouse clinic facility. 6) The Departments of Neurology and Psychiatry at the USR, Outpatient Units for the evaluation and the follow-up of patients. USR is based on strong inter-faculty and interdisciplinary links between basic researchers and medical imaging scientists involving the faculties of medicine and psychology. The dedicated scientific research personnel of USR includes multidisciplinary groups of experts in radiochemistry, computing sciences, PET and MRI physics and engineering, radiochemistry, pharmacology, neurology, psychiatry, neuropsychology. In the Nuclear Medicine Department (Chief Dr. Luigi Gianolli), Prof. Dr. Daniela Perani is head and coordinator of the diagnostic and research activities in Neurology.

Main tasks
The scientific activities of the USR are multidisciplinary researches that offer an integrated approach between basic research, behavioural techniques and in vivo measurements of brain structure, function and neurochemistry using advanced SPET-CT, PET-CT, MRI, fMRI. The most important applications comprises the development and application of in vivo imaging strategies using ad hoc radioligands to study the molecular modification associated to neurodegenerative diseases at both clinical and preclinical level.

Participation in INMiND:  WP5 / WP8 / WP10.

Previous experience relevant to INMiND tasks

Neurological and psychiatric researches based on MRI structural, PET functional and molecular measurements. Research program in neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration with a multitracer approach ([18F]FDG, [11C]PK11195, [11C]PIB, [11C]FECIT, [11C]MP4, [11C]MDL) and advanced images analysis procedures. Long lasting experience in tracer production and development (in particular TSPO; activated microglia). Participation in EU projects: FP5 “Network for Efficiency and Standardisation of Dementia Diagnosis” (NEST-DD), FP6 NoE “Diagnostic Molecular Imaging” (DiMI;, FP7 Diagnostic Enhancement of Confidence by an International Distributed Environment (DECIDE, CSA EU Collaborative Project).

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