Pharmidex Pharmaceutical Services Ltd, London, United Kingdom

Group Description

Brief description of legal entity
Pharmidex is a London based SME setup in 2002 to provide specialised CNS and ADMET solutions ( Pharmidex is a solution provider in brain medicines research and specialist in predicting and assessing the ability of compounds to cross the Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB) as well as delivery of compounds across the BBB. Pharmidex is the only company in the world offering direct assessment of brain penetrability – NeuroPharmacoKinetics (NeuroPK®). Pharmidex adds value to CNS drug discovery through its innovative screens and technologies which are underpinned by its unique ability to integrate neuroscience, DMPK and CNS drug discovery expertise.

Main tasks
Within WP1, Pharmidex main task is to provide neurochemical profiling of probe tracers in brain. In WP2.1 main task is to support chemistry efforts by screening current and synthesised novel tracers to ensure they cross BBB, are chemically stable and enzymatically not toxic. In WP3, provide full metabolite profiling in multi-tissues across relevant species to identify most relevant species for preclinical toxicology studies. Within WP4, main contribution would be to establish kinetic models for tracer’s quantification in main organs using in-situ tissue perfusion. Pharmidex is also contributing to WP6.2 integration section.

Participation in INMiND: WP1 / WP2 / WP3 / WP8 / WP11 / WP12.

Previous experience relevant to INMiND tasks

Pharmidex has successfully participated in a number of projects:

  1. FP6 (InnoMEd – Innovative Medicines for Europe, LSHB-CT-2005-518170, an integrated life project with 43 partners across Europe for identification of Biomarkers for Alzheimer disease).
  2. FP7 (FP7-IAPP-People-2008, 230766 on Biocompatibility of carbon nanoparticles with tissues of the neuromuscular system, NMS-CNT with two other partners across Europe).
  3. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation funded project together with two other partners in Europe working on in vivo imaging models of African trypanosomiasis to support drug discovery programmes.

Pharmidex employs 23 highly qualified scientists and is equipped and licensed to conduct non-GLP & GLP studies, in vitro and in vivo (rodents & non-rodents), including both immortalised and primary cell lines for BBB and DMPK studies along with animal models of CNS disorders. It has particular expertise in the measurement of the free fraction of neuroactive compounds in brain interstitial fluid using microdialysis in freely behaving animals. Pharmidex is set up to assess the side effect liability of potential drugs as well as safety pharmacology. Pharmidex team has substantial industry experience of monitoring small/macro-molecules.

Pharmidex Pharmaceutical Services
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