Transgenic Operative Products, Lodi, Italy

(TOP terminated its participation in this project at the end of the second project period)

Group Description

Brief description of legal entity
TOP (Transgenic Operative Products) Srl is a research oriented biotech company originated in 2006 from the University of Milan (Italy) and backed by an important Italian Venture Capital Firm (Next Fund; Finlombarda Gestioni SGR) and collaborating with major pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations. TOP Srl’s laboratories are located in the Parco Tecnologico Padano (Lodi, Italy), that is one of the main technological parks in Lombardy, a region that has embraced biotechnology as the driver of future economic development.
TOP Srl is specialized in the generation of reporter mice, thus transgenic mice that produce genetically encoded biomarkers to be detected through in vivo imaging (biophotonic, PET or NMR).

Main tasks
TOP Srl owns a proprietary technology (EP 1913813A1; US n° 7943815) that guarantees the tight regulation and ubiquitous expression of the reporter gene in mice generated by TOP Srl (repTOP™ mice). This technology consists in two molecular genetics features: i) a specific transgene integration site, which have been previously identified and characterized as constitutive transcriptionally open regions ii) the prevention of epigenetic modifications thanks to the use of insulator elements shielding the reporter transgene.
The key animal models available at TOP are reporter mice conceived for the study of on target molecular events like Estrogen Receptor activity (repTOP™ ERE-Luc) or PPARs activity (repTOP™ PPRE-Luc) or reporter mice for the study of more general events like cell proliferation (repTOP™ mitoIRE – Patent MI2009A002023; repTOP™ p21) and apoptosis (repTOP™ TRAIL and repTOP™ Ub-Luc).

Participation in INMiND: WP1 / WP2 / WP5 / WP7 (TOP terminated its participation at the end of the second project period)

Previous experience relevant to INMiND tasks

Thanks to its proprietary technology, TOP Srl integrates imaging techniques into the drug discovery process, with the generation of transgenic animals for measuring drug effects on target. Over more conventional readouts, imaging has the advantage of looking at drug action – not merely distribution - in the intact organism; pharmacological parameters such as kinetics of drug activity, organ- and tissue- specificity, and potency of different compounds are easily measured from early stages of new chemical entity characterization till the later phases of preclinical drug development. Furthermore, imaging may pinpoint sites of unexpected activity, providing novel insights on the product potential biological activity and toxicity. Although mainly focused on drug discovery and development, repTOP™ mice are well suited also for applications in toxicology and in the development of nutraceuticals or functional food. The non-invasive nature of the method allows very informative data to be gathered, e.g. about physiological effects of complex alimentary mixtures, increasing in the meantime the ethical standards of animal research.
TOP Srl has a strong and well-recognized expertise in the generation of highly reliable reporter mice characterized by the highest level of technology. In the past years several reporter mice were developed and used for the in vivo study of several molecular events like, cell proliferation, apoptosis, drug metabolism and nuclear receptor activity and thanks to its proprietary technology, TOP Srl is able to generate new custom-made models useful for any field of research.

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