To reach the objectives and goals of the INMiND project, a unique multi-disciplinary consortium of 28 complementary partners from 12 European countries including one partner from Australia and 6 SMEs (21.4 %) has been brought together with the critical mass and all necessary expertise, infrastructure and know-how spanning the fields of basic molecular and cell biology; chemistry, bio- and radiochemistry; pharmacology and imaging; as well as clinical neuroscience, psychiatry and medicine of NIND.

In that the INMiND consortium constitutes a unique interdisciplinary research facility. Already existing collaborations of some partners in the past facilitate the necessary interaction and degree of integration for the overall success of INMiND. All academic laboratories are active and at the top of their discipline. Many are world leaders in a given domain.

Many partners including the Project Coordinator have a strong background and are actively involved in basic research while also pursuing clinical activities guaranteeing

  • appropriate validation of experimental models and
  • efficient translation into clinical application.

This level of integration of multi-disciplinary leadership expertise cannot be found at the national level and will strengthen the international competitiveness of Europe.

The interdisciplinary excellence, knowledge and know-how of INMiND guarantee

  • to reach the INMiND goals;
  • to answer fundamental research questions; and
  • to translate them into clinical benefit (by non-invasive imaging-guidance) and well-being of patients.

This unique consortium is excellently prepared to advance fundamental knowledge, diagnosis and therapies of NINDs and to transfer its technologies to other disease paradigms.

INMiND Office
European Institute for Molecular Imaging (EIMI) Waldeyerstr. 15
· 48149 Münster
Tel: +49 251 83 49300 · Fax: +49 251 83 49313