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Brief description of legal entity
Mediso Medical Imaging Systems has been founded in 1990 on the industrial traditions of a famed optics and precision mechanics company, Gamma Co., itself founded in 1920. In 2011, the product range goes from clinical PET/CT to dedicated small animal PET/MRI systems with an emphasis on hybrid imaging. More than 900 systems in 88 countries of the world have been sold and installed by Mediso. The R&D activity of Mediso involves not only mechanical and electric design but also development of data acquisition and image processing software. Over the years Mediso has formed several co-operations with hospitals, clinics and scientific institutions worldwide. The company has developed and produced high-resolution dedicated SPECT-CT, PET-CT and PET-MRI small animal systems since 2003. Their most succesful product is the NanoSPECT/CT® (more than 80 installations in 6 years), based on nuclear and CT electronics, detectors and data acquisition entirely developed by Mediso. The company’s totally self-developed and produced NanoPET/CT® (11 installations in one year) offers the best PET resolution in the market for small animals and has been the starting point to the recently developed world unique nanoScan® small animal sequential PET/MRI system. Mediso has started to produce clinical hybrid imaging systems in 2007 with an also unique, triple modality PET-SPECT-CT upgradeable, modular clinical device, AnyScanTM. Mediso won the Frost and Sullivan European Medical Imaging Entrepreneurial Company Award of the Year 2008.

Main tasks
The company’s mission is to act as a multimodality molecular imaging company, always developing cutting edge technology for the hybrid imaging market in both clinical and experimental research use. The actual production of molecular imaging systems based on CT and nuclear detectors will be specifically modified for imaging CNS-related problems such as a „model to modality” image fusion. The further development of MRI-based multimodality PET and SPECT systems with novel, innovative detection besides the optimization of the actually existing PET/MRI system will be a major advantage to dedicated multimodality imaging of the nervous system in small animals. In the future Mediso’s task is to become a trusted high-end imaging company for the members of the consortium providing high-resolution innovative multimodality systems and cross-systems image processing platforms.

Participation in INMiND: WP5 / WP7

Previous experience relevant to INMiND tasks

Mediso is a partner in two other FP7-funded projects, codenamed ENIAC-CSI (Central Nervous System Imaging) and ICT-SPADnet – (Fully Networked, Digital Components for Photon-starved Biomedical Imaging Systems) to push further the limits of novel, semiconductor-based detection technologies that aim to lie down the detection bases for advanced, high-technology imaging systems. Mediso has a long-standing cooperation with the Karolinska Institute PET Centre (P12a/b) for the testing and validation of its PET/MRI imaging system in CNS imaging. Another co-operation exists within Hungary with Semmelweis University (P20) both in clinical (novel SPECT/CT clinical systems research use) and small animal (testing and application, novel image processing algorithm development for NanoSPECT/CTPLUS TM) imaging.

Mediso - Medical Imaging Systems

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