• Employment

    Since Mai 2017 Junior Lecturer & Research Associate
    University of Münster, Institute of Political Science
    Research Unit “Political Theory: Politics and Religion”
    April 2015-April 2017 Junior Lecturer & Research Associate
    University of Tübingen, Institute of Political Science,
    Research Unit “Middle East and Comparative Politics”
    September/October 2013 Intern / Visiting Student
    Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity, Göttingen,
    Research Unit „Socio-cultural Diversity“
    April 2009-February 2014 Variously employed as student assistant to the librarian, research assistant (HiWi), and teaching assistant (Tutor)
    University of Tübingen, Institute of Political Science
  • Education

    Since Mai 2017 Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster,
    PhD project in political science
    Thesis: political, intra-, and interreligious conflicts about the provision of religious sanctuary (Kirchenasyl) in Germany (in subnational comparative perspective)
    November 2015-October 2018 Baden-Württemberg Centre for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education,
    Certificate for Teaching and Learning at University Level
    October 2008-March 2015 Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen,
    Magister Artium & Erstes Staatsexamen in Political Science & Catholic Theology
    Thesis: “The Art of Catching an Elephant: Tentative Conclusions about a Systems-Theoretical Framework for the Study of Religion and Politics”
    September 2011-September 2012 University of London, Heythrop College,
    Master of Arts in Abrahamic Religions (with distinction)
    Thesis: “Legitimising Democracy Religiously: Comparing Christian and Muslim Authors in Defense of Democratic Rule”
  • Research Interests

    • religion and politics
    • migration and deportation policies
    • regime change and authoritarian rule
    • concept (mis-)formation in comparative politics
  • Teaching

    Over the years, I have developed and taught courses on a wide range of topics in both German and English. As a passionate teacher, I am happy to engage in discussions about political science education and to share my course syllabi.

    • Introduction to Political Science
      (BA course in German; winter 2015 & winter 2016)
    • Riding the Machine: States, Regimes, and the Changing Nature of Political Order
      (BA course in German, summer 2016 & summer 2020)
    • Introduction to Comparative Politics: Regime Change in Tunisia and Egypt
      (BA course in German; winter 2019)
    • Introduction to Comparative Politics: Democratization and Autocratization
      (BA course in German; summer 2020)
    • The Devils Is in the Details: Democracy and Dictatorship in Subnational Comparison
      (MA course in English and German; summer 2019 & summer 2020)
    • Religion and Politics: Normative Challenges and Empirical Puzzles
      (MA and BA courses in English and German; summer 2015, winter 2017)
    • Religion, Politics, and State Policies on Religion in Comparative Perspective
      (BA course in German; winter 2021)