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Project Wahl-Kompass (Election-Compass)

The Election-Compass is a scientific Voting Advice Application (VAA), which is beeing developed in a cooperaion of Prof. Dr. Norbert Kersting and Jan Philipp Thomeczek from the University of Münster and Kieskompas from the Netherlands. Kieskompas started specializung in 2006 in the development of online Voting Advice Aplications and has already been responsible for projects in more than 40 different countries. In Germany projects on the municipal, regional and european level have been developed under the name "Wahl-Kompass" :

  • Federal Election2013/20
  • European Election2009/2014/2019
  • Regional Elecion Lower Saxony (2017) und Hesse (2018)
  • Municipal Election in Frankfurt (Election of The Lord Major 2018)

Have a look at the report from Sat.1

  • How does the Election-Compass work?

    The users can enter their attitude towards the 30 most important election campain themes (formulated as statements) into the Election-Compass. To do so, the users dispose of a five-step scale that helps them to differentiate their agreement or disagreement. Based on this data an individual political positian can be calculated, which the users can compare to the positions of the competing parties afterwards. This positioning happens in close accordance to theories of political science. That's why it offers much more flexibiliy to the users than the better known "Wahl-O-Mat". Our tool helped us reaching over hundret-thousand of voters during the past elections.

  • What is the difference between the Election-Compass and other Voting Advice Applications?

    In total the Election-Compass offers more functions, more transparency and more flexibiliy than other voting advice applications. The Election-Compass starts with the party positioning. Partys have to send us their positions in accordance to concrete text evidence, for instance the party manifesto. In the mean time we carry out a scientific positioning of the party with the help of schooled experts. The results of these two procedures are beeing compared and eventuell discrepancies  are beeing discussed with the parties. Transparency is our highest value: Without reason no position! Our second caracteristic is the positioning of the users answers to the statements in the political landscape. The coordinates can also be calculated for specific fields seperately for example for the themes environmental protection, economic and social policy.

  • How can I try out the Election-Compass?

    Our last tool, the Election-Compass 2019 is still online: https://europa.wahl-kompass.de

  • I'd like to propose a new project for the Election-Compass or I have a question. Who can I turn to?

    Please write an email to wahlkompass@uni-muenster.de

  • You would like to be invited to our Election-Compass Survey automatically?

    We send invitations to our Election-Compass-Panel several times a year. The panel consists of those users who signed up for the Election-Compass with their email adress. If you would also like to be invited to our surveys, you can sign up here: https://ivv7lime.uni-muenster.de/index.php/64297?lang=de