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Margarete Ketelsen in front of a Christmas tree

Institut für Mathematische Logik und Grundlagenforschung
Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik
Universität Münster
Einsteinstraße 62
48149 Münster

Office: 110.020 in Orléans-Ring 10
Phone: +49 251 83-36870

A lego robot that draws the Koch curve

Drawing fractal curves with LEGO MINDSTORMS

This project was part of my job as a student assistant working with Prof. Daniel Lordick in his group Geometric Modelling and Visualization. I built and programmed two LEGO robots that can draw fractal curves.

These robots were presented at public relations events to the general public. We also presented this research at the ICGG 2020 and there is also a paper in the conference proceedings.
A picture of 3D-printed object. There are tetrahedra and truncated tetrahedra shapes with holes

Four-dimensional fractals with 3D-printer

This was a high school research project, I worked on it from 2015 to 2017. I studied a four-dimensional generalization of the menger sponge. In the end, I was able to visualize three-dimensional intersections of the four dimensional object, and print them using a 3D-printer.

The project was supervised by Frank Henschel and Prof. Marco Hamann at HTW Dresden.

The 3D-printed models are exhibited at the HTW Dresden and as well in the Willersbau at TU Dresden.

I presented this research at Jugend forscht, and I received the BELL PRIX of the TU Chemnitz. Here are some examples:

  1     2     3  

Since high school, I've been very interested in geometry and how to visualize mathematics. A high school project on four-dimensional fractals sparked my interest, and since then I have pursued several projects in this direction. I like visualizing mathematics, because it enables me to do science communication and present my research to the general public.

From April 2018 to February 2020, I was a student assistant working with Prof. Daniel Lordick in his group Geometric Modelling and Visualization. There I could independently pursue my own project about drawing fractal curves with LEGO MINDSTORMS. I was also working with the collection of mathematical models. In particular, I photographed mathematical models for the digital archive of mathematical models. You can see examples here.

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