Fabian Hebestreit

I am an Assitant (Akademischer Rat auf Zeit) in the Topology group at the University of Münster; until recently, I was part of the Topology group at the University of Bonn.

During spring 2022 I visited the Mittag-Leffler-Institute, Stockholm, as part of the program Higher algebraic structures in algebra, topology and geometry, and towards the end of 2022 I will move to the University of Aberdeen as lecturer.

Contact Information

Address:  Mathematisches Institut
WWU Münster
Einsteinstrasse 62
48149 Münster, Germany
Office: 505
e-mail: f.hebestreit@uni-muenster.de
Office hours: by appointment

Research interests

Algebraic & geometric Topology, homotopical Algebra and more specifically: The homotopy theory of diffeomorphism groups and cobordism categories, and their relation to algebraic K- and L-theory, parametrised homotopy theory and its relation to operator algebras and positive scalar curvature

Preprints and Publications

Extended Abstracts


In the summer term I will teach a coure on higher categories and their uses in algebraic topology and homological algebra, Higher Categories II.

Some lecture notes: