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Printer installation for Windows Computers inside the IVV5 domain

This HowTo shows how you can add one of the many printers inside the range of responsibilities of the IVV5 to your computer, all by yourself without the need of any administrative permissions.

Find your Printer and installing it We start by opening the overview for devices and printers connected with your computer. To do so you open the start menu by clicking the start icon in the taskbar or pressing the start button on your keyboard. Then you type devices and the item devices and printers will show up. On the upper side of that windows you will find Add a printer, click that to open a new window with a list of some printers. Do not waste any time by looking for your desired printer and click The printer that I want isn’t listed instead. 1 Select the item Find a printer in the directory, based on location or feature and click Next 2 In the windows called Find Printers you can now enter the name of the printer you want to install. Most of our printers are named by a system that helps you to find the correct printer and to keep their large number easy to over watch. More on that Topic later in this article. 3 Now the installation of the printer and its driver starts. 4 5 When it has finished you can choose to set this printer as your default and to order it to print a test page. 6 Locked printing Locked printing is a security mechanism where you can set a PIN for your print job that has to be entered at the printer to print your document. Locked printing is not available at every printer. To enable this option you have to right click on the particular printer in the “Devices and printers” window and select printing preferences 7 In the now opened window you expand the drag-down list Job Type in the middle and select Locked Print. Then you click on Details … where you can set your PIN and a username for identification. 8

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