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While the IVV5 GITLAB still exists and parts of this page are correct, it is closed for new projects. Please use

Access from outside the WWU

SSH access (keybased authentication) is worldwide available. Please note that the servername for https and ssh access can differ (currently https/ and ssh/

The https/web interface (username/password authentication) access is restricted to the WWU-VPN for security reasons. For accessing from outside the WWU you can either install

or simply browse via

If VPN should be not applicable, you may consider using, which provide https access worldwide.

Users and Groups

Access for external user

There are no plans to support external users directly. However, the ZIV department provides an online formula to register user for accounts. Those accounts can also be used for further authentication and authorization processes for other ivv5 or ziv services and resources.

Creating Groups

With Gitlab Groups you can give several users access to your projects at once and improve the structure of your projects overview. We are happy to create groups for you. If you need to create a lot of groups or subgroups, please write an email to „“. Please use reasonable names on top level.

User deletion

Removing a user includes deleting authored issues, snippets and comments. Therefore we block expired user accounts instead of deleting. Although the user cannot delete the account him/herself, the user can insist on their account being deleted by us.

Data deletion

If you are new to git or a frequent svn user, please note that git supports permanently deleting of branches including data. Please refer to the git documentation. Gitlab offers options for authorization of write access (protected branches) to avoid accidentally deleting of essential branches.


Creating Projects

students: You cannot create your own projects. Please ask your tutor to get assigned to projects.

researcher: After your first login, you are not able to create your own projects. Please send us a short mail to Please use your WWU email account (You should always do this when contacting us) – 3rd party accounts like googlemail, gmx, or others will not be answered. We will add free projects to your account quickly.

Project/Group deletion

Delete projects or groups with care only. Restoring a single project is an time expensive process. Removing a group does remove all group projects as well.

Project Member

Please note, that as soon as a member joins your project, he can read and clone ALL project data regardless of any protected branches in your project.


Binary Data

Git's main purpose is handling source code. The way git takes care of binary data is quite inefficient. Only commit/push large binary data files into the repository if this is absolutely necessary and prefer sciebo, working group shares or git-lfs if necessary.

Community Edition(CE) / Enterprise Edition(EE):

Our instances are running the community edition only. Please keep this in mind when you read of gitlab Enterprise features.

Continuous Integration


The Continuous Integration system is enabled, but we currently do not provide CI-Server. However, you can set up runner on your own using CI-Server you are providing on your own.


We do not provide a backup for artifacts.

Please use small artifact files with a reasonable expiration time. Pipelines often come with a lot of builds and so artifacts can use a lot of server storage space. Gitlab provides an expiration function to automatically purge artifacts from the system. We set the default expiration time to 1 hour. You can define different expiration times in your .gitlab-ci.yml, e.g. for tags.


The Registry service for docker images is still work in progress. We do not provide any backup for docker images.

Please let us know if you have any further questions regarding this service. Send an email to „“


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