User Groups

At Münster University there are many groups of users who need to use similar systems and who need similar permissions. Every student needs, for example, an e-mail account or the possibility to log in to the IT Portal. A user group comprises a number of such authorisations. Membership in a user group gives a WWU ID the rights associated with the user group. There are a large number of groups for individual departments, institutes or working groups. A WWU ID can be a member of any number of user groups. An overview of your memberships in user groups is available in the IT Portal under "Username (account) and group memberships" and there under "Group memberships".

Each user group needs a group leader who is responsible for the administration of the group. The group leader decides on membership applications and can extend or terminate the membership of all group members. In department groups this task is usually taken over by the department management. However, it can delegate this task by entering further group leaders.

  • Group Membership: Application for/Renewal

    To apply for a membership, click on "Request new membership" under "Username (account) and group memberships" in the IT Portal. You now have the opportunity to select the desired user group and submit your application.

    To renew a membership, click on "Prolong membership" under "Username (account) and group memberships" in the IT Portal. In the overview of your memberships you can select and renew the desired membership.

    Note: If you cannot renew your membership in a user group this way, please contact the user group leader directly. If this is not possible, you can contact our Identity Management.

  • User Group Application/Administration

    User group leaders can manage existing user groups in the WWUBEN Portal [de]. New user groups and changes to the user group management can be requested using the following forms:

    Application "New User Group" (Form G) (PDF) [de]
    Application "Add/remove User Group Leader" (Form GL) (PDF) [de]

    Please send the application preferably as a scanned PDF by mail to zivben@uni-muenster.de. The processing of the application takes about one week.