Tips and Tricks

  • Internet Search Engines

    In the browser you have the option of specifying which search engine is to be used as the default. With Chrome and Firefox, you can integrate your own search engines in addition to the common search engines that can already be found in the pre-selection. The following search engines are recommended:

    • Ecosia: Ecosia is a sustainable search engine. Ecosia GmbH invests in trees, agriculture and solar energy and plants trees with the revenue from the search ads. Since Ecosia uses Bing's algorithm, it is reliable and easy to use.
    • DuckDuckGo: With the search engine Duckduckgo you can work in a particularly data protection-compliant way, as no personal information is collected and thus an anonymised search is given.
    • WWU Münster Search: You can also use the search function of the WWU Münster website as a search aid.

    Integrating Search Engines in the Browser