FAQ (Office 365)

General Information About Office 365

  • What is Office 365 and what does it include?

    Office 365 is a combination of an online service, an office web application and a comprehensive software package. You can download Office 365 through a Web browser and install it locally on up to five devices (Windows PC, Mac, iPad, Android Tablets/Smartphones) simultaneously. Office 365 includes the complete Office package including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Access, Skype, Share Points, OneNote, etc.
    MS Access is not included in the package.

  • Who can use Office 365 and what does it cost?

    You can use Office 365 free of charge as long as you are a registered student, a full-time or part-time lecturer or employee in an educational capacity at the WWU Münster. Please note that the Office 365 products are not intended for internal official use, but for private use only.

  • How do I get Office 365?

    In order to use Office 365 free of charge, you must first log in to the WWU-IT-portal with your WWU-ID and your WWU-password. Under the menu item "Licenses (Software etc.)" you are then able to register for "Microsoft Azure". With this step you will receive a Microsoft-Azure-ID (in the form of an e-mail address) and set up a corresponding password yourself. Please note that it takes about 1 hour after activation in the IT portal until you can log in to Microsoft. You can then download the respective office software from the Microsoft online portal as often as you like, but only use it on 5 devices (PCs/Macs or mobile devices) at the same time. To do so, log in to Microsoft with your Microsoft-Azure-ID and the corresponding password: https://portal.microsoftonline.com. You can see on which devices the license is currently being used via the Microsoft online portal and manage the usage according to your preference.

  • What can I use the Office e-mail address for?

    When you register for Microsoft Azure, you will receive an e-mail address that is used to authenticate your Office 365 account. The e-mail address name@on.wwu.de is not used in any other form by any part of the university and is not entered in the address books. For official e-mail correspondence, the address WWU-username@wwu.de should be used.

Licence Account

  • Why do I need a Microsoft Azure ID?

    Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform from Microsoft. This means that applications and databases can be used on a network basis, which means, among other things, that with a Microsoft-Azure-ID and a corresponding password, several platforms and thus several products can be used and the login procedure is simplified. As a result, you only need to register once, receive your Azure-ID and password and can use it to log on to several services (e.g. Microsoft and Adobe (with costs, only for institutes of the WWU)), provided that you are authorized to do so.

  • Can I use Office 365 once I have a Microsoft-Azure-ID?

    Once you have registered with Microsoft Azure via our IT-portal, you will automatically be licensed to use Office 365 free of charge within one hour. You can then start using Office 365 immediately.

  • What information is shared with whom when I register for Microsoft Azure?

    When you register for Microsoft Azure, your first and last name, your WWU-ID and the information that you are a student/employee of the University of Münster will be transferred to Microsoft. If you also use other licenses via Azure, e.g. Adobe CC (fee-based and for employees only), this information is also transmitted to Adobe. By registering with Microsoft Azure, you agree to the transfer of this data.

  • What happens to my data when I log out of Microsoft Azure or my WWU identification expires?

    If you actively terminate Microsoft Azure, your Office license will expire within one hour. However, your Microsoft user data (Azure-ID, name, status) will be stored for another year by both the WWU and Microsoft. Only after a period of one year will all data be completely and irrevocably deleted. This allows you to log in to Microsoft Azure again via the IT-portal within this period and continue using the same Microsoft account. If you wish, you can also remove your data yourself before the one-year period expires, this is done in your IT-portal under "Delete Microsoft Azure data". If your WWU identification expires, for example because you are exmatriculated or your employment contract expires, your free Office licence will expire as well.

  • What do I do if I have forgotten my Microsoft-Azure-ID or password?

    You can easily find your Microsoft-Azure-ID in the IT-portal under the menu item "Licenses (Software etc.)" -> "Microsoft Azure". There you are also able to set a new Microsoft-Azure-password.

  • Can I connect another Microsoft account (private, professional or university) with the free Microsoft account of the university?

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to link the Microsoft account that you have activated via the University of Münster with another Microsoft account. However, you can store the data created with Office 365 (e.g. Word documents) in the cloud storage of a different account.

  • Who can I contact if I have questions or problems?

    Please note that we only manage the registration and licensing of Office 365. We do not provide any technical or content support for the programs included in Office 365. Please contact Microsoft directly at https://support.office.com/ .

Technical Details

  • What technical requirements do I need to install the Office package?

    Once you have signed in to Microsoft Azure in the IT-portal, you can download the installation files for the Office products from your Microsoft account: https://portal.microsoftonline.com. This link should also appear directly in the IT Portal. The Office 365 software requires at least Windows 8.1, macOS 10.12, iOS 11, Android 6.0, Windows Phone 10 or a newer version of each operating system. Please note that Office 365 cannot be installed at the same time as other versions of Microsoft Office. You do not need a continuous Internet connection to use Office 365 software. The software is installed locally on your devices and checked against your Microsoft account every 30 days. To verify that the account is still associated with a valid license, the device must be connected to the Internet at least once a month. If the device is not connected to the Internet for a longer period of time, the usable functions of the software will be limited. In this case you have to log in again with your access data in the Microsoft account.

  • How secure is my data and where is it stored?

    Your data is not stored on servers of the University of Münster, but exclusively with Microsoft. Further information on data security at Microsoft can be found here: https://privacy.microsoft.com/de-DE/privacystatement

  • How can data (from OneDrive, teams etc.) be migrated from a still existing Microsoft account to the free account provided by WWU IT? Are there export functions within the Microsoft products?

    The migration is comparable to switching from sciebo and the Uni-Mail account to Google Drive and Gmail. You can find further information at: http://go.wwu.de/1qvqk. At this time there is no built-in option for account to account migration.