Adobe Products

Adobe Acrobat Pro

Adobe Acrobat Professional can be installed on any WWU workstation PC. The main user can also use a second copy on another service device. The provision is carried out by the responsible IVV.

Adobe Creative Cloud

***The new software licenses can be used from 01.04.2020. All previous purchasers will receive separate information about this. ***

Adobe Creative Cloud can be rented by WWU institutions as a complete package. It is not possible to rent individual partial products.
Adobe CC is now offered in two different license forms: Shared Device License and Named User License. The desired license form must be specified when ordering.

Named User: A Named User License (NUL) is assigned to a specific person who can use it. This person requires an WWU Azure-ID (can be set up from 01.04.2020) and will be activated by us. (For more information, please see the FAQ linked below).
Shared Device: A Shared Device License (SDL) is assigned to a defined computer. Anyone with an Adobe ID (which can also be a free self-registered Adobe ID) can log in and use the software.

More information: FAQ for Adobe Creative Cloud at WWU

Target Group: departments & facilities of Münster University

Usage Costs: 228,54 € per year (rental period is 3 years)

Contact: Joachim Heinze

  • Purchase: Creative Cloud Products

    (Note: There is a separate purchasing procedure for Department 5. Further information can be obtained from IVV8 [de].)

    To order Creative Cloud products for a fee, please send an e-mail to lizenzen.it@uni-muenster.de, where you also enter the e-mail address of the IVV responsible for you under "cc". The order must contain the following information:

    • Number of desired licenses (possibly broken down by named user and shared device licenses)
    • for Named-User licenses: Name and User-ID of the respective user of a license
    • for shared device licenses: Name of the institute/work group or similar on whose computers the SD licenses are to be used
    • PSP element and cost center for settlement

    The installation files will be delivered by the responsible IVV.