WWU IT Information Regarding the Corona Virus

The global spread of the corona virus also has implications for everyday life at Münster University. Alternatives must be used for both office work and classroom teaching. The following offers and information pages are currently available on these topics:

  • Home Office: In order to make it quick and easy to set up your home office when needed, we have bundled the most important information and instructions on our home office website. Here you can find out how to access your business data and programs and how to divert your office telephone.
  • Digital Teaching: As an alternative to face-to-face lectures, digital teaching formats enable students to acquire competencies. An overview of the most important services can be found on our page Tools for Digital Teaching. Münster University has bundled information on this on the page Teaching in Times of Corona [de].
  • Hybrid Teaching Formats: In the winter semester 2020/21, in addition to online courses and normal face-to-face courses, Münster University will also offer many hybrid formats in which some of the participants take part virtually and some on site. Further information on the technical equipment for these formats can be found on our website Hybrid Teaching Formats.


If you have any questions on any of these topics, please feel free to contact us.

Security Advice

Please be especially careful in this crisis situation and question suspicious requests critically. Attackers try to gain access to access data or sensitive data via e-mail and telephone. Please note our security recommendations for users.

For Employees of the Faculties: IVV Information Pages Regarding the Corona Virus

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IVV2 [de]
IVV3 [de]
IVV5 [de]
IVV6 [de]