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University of Münster Certification Authority

What is a certificate?

How do you request a certificate?

Certificate (simplified example)

Requesting a user certificate from the WWUCA

Keeping your private key safe

What is a certification hierarchy?

What is our certification hierarchy?

Certification hierarchy

Rainer Perske   ⇐   WWUCA   ⇐   DFN-PKI “Global” CA   ⇐   Deutsche Telekom Root CA 2

Why DFN-PKI “Global”?



DFN PKI hierarchies

How does the WWUCA issue a certificate?

What requirements must be met?

Certification process (1)

Certification process (2)

X.500 DNs in WWUCA certificates

How do you use a certificate?

When do you use a certificate?

Presenting a certificate

Verifying a certificate

How do you become a root CA yourself?

How do you become a serious root CA yourself?

How to become a root CA

How to become a serious root CA

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