History of the textual tradition of the New Testament
It is the task of the Institute for New Testament Textual Research (INTF) to comprehensively document and analyse the history of the textual tradition of the New Testament in its Greek original language.

Reconstruction of the initial text
The core objective is to gain an impression, for the first time based on the entire material available today, of the textual history, and to reconstruct from this the initial text of the New Testament tradition. The result of this work is being published in the Editio Critica Maior.

List of Greek NT manuscripts
The Institute for New Testament Textual Research operates the international recording list of Greek manuscripts of the New Testament. All newly discovered manuscripts anywhere in the world are being recorded, examined and provided with a short description at the Institute.

Scholarly concise editions and tools
It has always been a distinguished task of the INTF to answer the need for scholarly concise editions based on the current state of research (Nestle-Aland, Greek New Testament, Synopsis) and scholarly reference works (concordances, Bauer-Aland). The concise editions have been continued, but they have also been supplemented by a digital edition and transcripts of important manuscripts on the Internet and a virtual manuscript room to make use of the advantages of that medium. All editions will increasingly benefit from the insights gained in the work on the Editio Critica Maior.

«Arbeiten zur neutestamentlichen Textforschung»
Under this title, INTF publishes its own series. It mainly contains research results and studies from various projects of INTF.

Bible Museum

It is also highly relevant for the INTF not only to connect with the academic world but also to reach out to the broader public through the affiliated Bible Museum and through exhibitions outside the institute.