IFIP Working Group 2.2
Formal Description of Programming Concepts

Members emeriti

(People who have been full members of the group, but cannot fully participate anymore. Note that this list is incomplete.)

Member nameNationality
Egidio Astesiano Italy
Jaco W. de Bakker The Netherlands
Gérard Berry France
Eike Best Germany
Andrzej Blikle Poland
Michel Bidoit France
Dines Bjørner Denmark
Ed Blum USA
Corrado Böhm Italy
Egon Börger Italy
Manfred Broy Germany
Luca Cardelli United Kingdom
Rance Cleaveland USA
Philippe Darondeau France
Hartmut Ehrig Germany
Marie-Claude Gaudel France
Masami Hagiya Japan
Matthew Hennessy Ireland
Furio Honsell Italy
Shigeru Igarashi (e-mail) Japan
Maciej Koutny United Kingdom
Fred Kröger Germany
Leslie Lamport USA
Hans Langmaack Germany
Peter E. Lauer USA
J. S. Moore USA
Peter D. Mosses United Kingdom
Erich J. Neuhold Austria
Maurice Nivat France
Catuscia Palamidessi France
Prakash Panangaden Canada
Manfred Paul Germany
Amir Pnueli Israel
Anders Ravn Denmark
Willem-Paul de Roever Germany
Scott A. Smolka USA
Bernhard Steffen Germany
Frits W. Vaandrager The Netherlands
Martin Wirsing Germany

Table: Members emeriti of WG 2.2