Grabung der German-Russian Mission to TT 320 1998-2006:

The Royal Cache TT 320 – a re-examination
Edited by Erhart Graefe and Galina Belova

Preface by Zahi Hawass

With chapters by Dylan Bickerstaffe (1), Erhart Graefe (2), Edward Loring (3), Erhart Graefe and Galina Belova (4), Ashraf Senoussi (5), plans by Nadejda Reshetnikova, photographs by Erhart Graefe, George Johnson, and Brent Benjamin, drawings by Anke Ilona Blöbaum, Alexej Krol, Sonia Alexandra Guss, and Ashraf Senoussi and a contribution by Birgit Schlick-Nolte and Rainer Werthmann, English translation of chapters 2 and 4 by Marianne Eaton-Krauss

SCA press, Cairo 2010, 228pp, 145 plates

Datenbank: Verzeichnis aller Objekte aus der Grabung und von 1881


© The American University in Cairo Press
Feldarbeit Cachette TT 320