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Intergenerational networking

Everyone who has lived abroad knows that adding diversity enriches our professional and personal experience. Similarly, interacting with and in different age groups is rewarding, and yet we tend to overlook age as a meaningful diversity metric. Most mobile researchers are distant from older family members (e.g. parents, grandparents, ...). At the same time they usually establish social networks at work, where the opportunity to connect to people in the retirement age is missing. Retired citizens also cannot connect to younger people through their employment contacts. Yet both, mobile researchers and retired citizens often have common interests and benefit from interaction across age and cultural groups.

The project aims to establish an intergenerational and intercultural network by providing international early-stage researchers and senior citizens of Münster with opportunities to meet, interact, exchange, and connect. A buddy scheme that invites couples to meet on their own initiative and spend time together is part of the project. The project has minimal guidelines and welcomes ideas from the participants.

The project has three components: a buddy scheme, participation in networking events, and a workshop on "age-diversity". MünsterXchange participants can choose which components they would like to take advantage of.


  •  foster intergenerational interaction, cooperation, and friendships
  • change perspectives and transform attitudes towards other generations
  • increase understanding, empathy, and solidarity for other generations
  • two-way transfer of knowledge, expertise and insight
  • provide new learning opportunities (coaching, models, exchange)

Who can participate?
International early-stage researchers (doctoral candidates, postdocs) at the WWU
 Life-experienced citizens of Münster (also but not only WWU alumni)

How can I participate?

  • share experiences, skills, and knowledge with your buddy (languages, research, IT skills, life and professional experience, orientation in German bureaucracy, …)
  • organize an event (e.g. a city tour, a cycling tour, …)
  • participate in networking events or workshops within the project


  • 01.03. project start: registration for the project, including the buddy scheme
  • 17.05. Kick-Off Event (Meet and Greet, in person)
  • Networking meetings: 14.06., 14.07., 16.08., 13.09. (Graduate Centre, 001, from 4:30 - 6 pm)
  • TBA: Age-diversity Workshop
  • Social events (e.g. cycling or city tour) throughout the year - depending on the voluntary oranization by the members

Registration: https://wwuindico.uni-muenster.de/event/1155/

Questions? Send an e-mail to sabine.schneider@uni-muenster.de.