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Doctoral candidates at our University may apply for an apartment in the student halls of residence or in the University's Guest accommodation (maximum of rental period: 1 year). Early application is highly recommended due to high desirability of apartments, in particular those for families. Since the waiting times are often several months, it is not advisable to rely on this option. You can apply for a place in the dormitory without being enrolled. However, the enrollment status must be submitted and verified latest when you move in! 

If you would like to rent privately, be it the whole apartment or a room in a shared flat, the Black Board of the students' union executive commitee (AStA) of the University of Münster might be a good address. As finding accommodation in Münster can be quite challenging we have prepared a guide with tips for you.

The city of Münster provides further information on accommodation.

Unfortunately, the Graduate Centre does not have any opportunity to book a room or apartment for you.

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Health Insurance

Everyone who lives in Germany is obligated to have a health insurance cover. If you come to Münster to pursue your doctoral degree or postdoc, you need to get a health insurance. A proof of health insurance will be crucial to get a residence permit and to enroll at the university.

Generally, there are two kinds of health insurance in Germany: health insurance provided by state-regulated (statutory) providers and insurance provided by private health insurance companies. In most cases, the type of insurance is determined by how you fund your stay in Germany. Therefore, you will most likely not be able to choose freely between a statutory or a private health insurance provider. Unless you (or your partner) are employed, you need to get a private health insurance plan. Please check several providers and choose a suitable coverage. For enrolment you will need an additional document that confirms you do not need to be publicly insured. Any public health insurance provider can issue you this document if you show your private health insurance plan and explain that you are a doctoral candidate.

Further information on health insurance may be found here and here.

Language Courses

Studying in Münster is a good opportunity to learn German or improve other foreign language skills. Münster University's Language Centre offers a wide range of language courses.

 Since there is a great demand for places at the University's Language Centre, you can find a list of tuition-based language courses in Münster here.

Stay with Family

A research or teaching stay abroad is a challenge not only for academics themselves but also for family members that accompany them. During the preparatory and the settling-in phase many questions arise. As a family-friendly university the University of Münster does its best to facilitate the planning. The Family Service Office informs about issues such as childcare, schools, and financial support for families.

All you need to know

Upon Arrival Checklist. When you start your doctoral study in Münster there are a number of formalities you need to take care of during your first days. We've put together a checklist to help you organise your stay.

You can find useful information about health care in this health dictionary.